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Help choosing center speaker

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Hi. I don't post much here, but I know this is the place to come for help in this type of quest.

Here's my current set up...

I have a pair of these JBL XPL 140s for my front speakers. They are probably pretty obscure. Apparently they were quite expensive back in the day.



Receiver: Harman Kardon 3600 7.1.


I have a 46" Samsung LCD. It's mostly going to be used for home theater. The room is 8x8 meters.

I'm looking to get one of the bang for your buck center speakers. Here's what I'm considering. Since I've heard it's a good idea to stick with the same brand, I found a highly rated JBL center speaker.

The JBL-LC1. It sounds like even though they're 20 years newer, they still use titanium drivers.


I've also heard great reviews for the BIC center speakers.


For $20 more I can get the 8" BIC although I don't know if the sound will be that much better. I really want a good center speaker though as I know it's the most critical part of a home theater.


A guy in my area is selling this.


What do you guys think? Is there anything you'd recommend? My price range is $150-$250.
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I would go with the JBL LC2 center over the LC1, its a much better speaker.
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If you have JBLs as your front L/R...then you should get a the same model/make of JBL center speaker. Your front stage will then timbre match and it won't sound abit off as sound moves across the front stage!
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One of the best center speakers I have heard is the Cambridge Audio S50, which runs $200.
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