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I was afraid you punched a hole in something with your body! As in, fell through wink.gif
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At 50 degrees slope, I would have rather slid off than gone through, I think.
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may sound weird but I can't imagine another person outside of my wife touching me in any way. Guess I'm weird that way (full disclosure : I'm on wine glass #2 tonight... smile.gif )
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Have done some more 2nd later DW ceiling, but it's slow as my body (arms mostly) is still complaining. Looks like I will need 1, possibly 2 more to complete this years' buildphase.

Have brought down the insulation I had for the front dampening walls in 1.0 - hopefully I can re-use it.
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I may need to stop early on the ceiling, I'm getting close to finishing the GG pail and I'm not opening a new one just to put up 2-3 pieces of drywall now. It will be better to hold off on them and do them come spring when the remaining "holes" get drywalled shut.
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Have finished the fifth row of ceiling now, there's still GG at the bottom of the pail enough to start the next row. Am using a thin paint brush now, the gun has too much problems sucking up anything. Don't know if there will be enough to complete the 6th row or not, though. I'll be surprised if it lasts.

But, it does mean my original calculation was pretty good. I onlyplanned for one layer of GG and calculated one pail would be enough, but then I did two layers and its touch and go for two pails. smile.gif
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Ha, looks like it will be enough bottom scrapings in the pail to complete, got the three whole DW pieces up yesterday, only have half a one left to cut and there seems to be GG enough for that. Perhaps a few drops left over even, but very very close. smile.gif
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All drywall of 2013-buildstage done!

Fortunately I still have things I can do, so no pause until march/april just yet. smile.gif
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Really coming together nicely Nightlord. I honestly don't know how you work around all that stuff!
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Originally Posted by TMcG View Post

Really coming together nicely Nightlord. I honestly don't know how you work around all that stuff!

Well, the best answer is that I don't. I work where there's no stuff and then I move the stuff and then I again work where there's no stuff.

Camera doesn't show the real spaces inbetween things either, it looks like a big heap while there in reality are one yard clear paths inbetween.
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Testpainted a small area to see how visible the tape would be without mudding another layer and I probably will have to do that on visible surfaces.

Have found paint that's supposed to be even more matt that the one I used last time, will be interesting to paint a sample to compare.

The taping progresses well I think - at about the tempo I want to keep (it down to).
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About six feet left to tape... And to find out if there are that much left on the roll... Has gone slow, not very inspirational job exactly. Will try mudding the ceiling and the to-be-visible wall parts, just don't like all the sandpapering that will follow that, so much dust....

Probably will start on the dampening walls now, for a break from the mud before doing that.
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Center dampening up and covered:

This is not final state, there will be 2½" of 'pyramid-foam' on top of this, but I'll make do with this initially.
The black felt cloth is definitely much more of a black hole than the black painted surfaces, even more so to the eye than to the camera. Perhaps the supposedly-even-darker black paint can get closer when I try that.
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The sheen level is what is making the difference in these blacks. The surface of the felt breaks up the reflectance. The paint is much smoother in texture and therefore reflects more light. You need a very matte or "open" surface such as a layer of open cell foam to scatter the light. The foam sprayed black would "suck up the light".
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The other paint is claimed "reflex free". It'll start with that. Who knows, I may end up with black velvet covering everything.

In any case, these parts aren't to be visible in finished state at all, so not that crucial to get perfect.
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Bought a few car audio power distribution blocks today. This kind:

Perhaps the record that store ever sold a single customer at once (4)? Will put them to very different usage - distributing the subwoofer signals. Might be a first too, who knows?
On the other hand, I'm not known for doing things the normal way either... biggrin.gif
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"Shiny" smile.gif
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Quite. I'll have to disappear them below something.The cover is removable so that could be spraypainted.
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A couple of packages of weight-matched soft feet. Two packs as the subwoofers will be stacked.

This is where they end up, of course

One string shelf made

And insulation going on top

And if it isn't obvious, there's about half and inch of clearance between subs and walls so they can theoretically move freely on the feet even if they don't (above 3-4 Hz or so).

Ran out of this kind of insulation, so I can't do more today.
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Does anything go between the two speakers to stop vibrations or the top one from walking?
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No. Had one introduced something elastic there, then the whole systems resonance frequency would have changed for the worse. I'm never had (or heard anyone else having) an issue of walking subs in this weight category so I will claim that friction is more than enough to prevent that.

Some insulation going up in front. Cutting circles free-hand has a tendency to become ovals. cool.gif

Covered up:

Final portion also framed, insulated and covered:

Thus done with this job (for now, the dampening walls should have 2½ of pyramid wedged acoustic foam in the fully completed state)
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Latest job... hiding the front in the Dexterzone before going back to mudding...
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New big storm tonight, will be needing that ladder again once it calms down (sat or sun). 14 years since I lost tiles two times the same season...
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Keep safe, my friend! With all this ladder work, you'll be over that fear of being high on steep, slippery roofs in no time. wink.gif Just make sure the ladder is tied down tonight or somebody in the next town will be using it tomorrow!
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Won't be going up today, it's still a strong gale and will be so the entire day. Two tiles and not spaced too far between so not too much sideways movement of the ladder will be needed once it's rolled up and flipped over (so the hook goes over the top).
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Is the wind accompanied with rain or snow? Are you getting any water damage with missing 2 tiles or 3(?) last time?
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Hail then and now snow. The layer below should be waterproof, but I can have a look from below nexttime I go up (which will be for christmas tree and decorations)

Sea was rising up close to a millenium event, local river went out of it's beds quite close to here. Another 12 inches and my fish might have escaped to the sea...

Done with the ceiling mudding, now painting "Stones style"
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eek.gif "Sea rising" Is this from the wind pushing water your way, waves, tides or a combination. 12" isn't much of a margin! Time to convert the house to a house boat. It can be the Larch Theater Cruise Line. You can sell a movie and a cruise in one package deal! biggrin.gif

How's the golf course?
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Yes, actually it was getting pushed into the sound betweend Denmark & Sweden from both directions. South of the Malmö-Copenhagen bridge the waterlevel was below normal and from the north it was pressed in from the North Sea by the close to hurricane strength winds. Golf course was partly flooded, but it will drain quickly. Dad's volonteered to dig a few miles extra drainage over the years and fixed all the drains that wasn't built properly from the beginning. So I don't worry about it not getting dryas long as it doesn't freeze over first - that would be bad.

But this was extreme, never seen pictures like these on the net. The "cold-bathing house" in town was built in 1877 and now it got torn off with the boardwalk and floated away and smashed up. I'll try linking to footage of a crazy busdriver up in Helsingborg (no idea what you'd call it. Helsingör straight across the sound in Denmark you call Elsinore).

Both tiles back up now, only have to get the long ladder down, which quite possibly is the most dangerous part of it all. One large coffee first and thaw up my fingers.
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All done. Neighbour came over and helped me with the 2nd part of getting it down when he saw me in action with it.

The rain I saw in the forecast starting now, so done it good (enough) time.
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