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Speaker Layout Advice!

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Dear All,

At last I am ready to establish my home theater system and start buying the components. Recently I bought an Onkyo TX-NR818 A/V Receiver due to I have found a good deal while I was on a business trip, however the rest of the package remains. Now I need to decide on the speaker package and I kindly request your advice on that. My initial investigation shows that I have the following options;

1) Monitor Audio RX6 (front) - RX Center - RX FX Surrond
2) Dali Ikon 6 MK2 - Ikon on wall (surrond) - Ikon Vocal (center)
3) Polk Audio RTi A7 - FXI A4 (surrond) - CSI A6(center)

The last one is slightly above my range but if they are really as good as they said may be I can force myself but please share your comments on it.

4) KEF R500 - R200 Center - R100 surrond

However I think the main problem for me is to find the best speaker type for my layout. Because due to I generally use the system to watch movies, the surround channel is really important for me and I would like to know if it would be OK to use dipole speakers like Monitor Audio's RXFX for my below layout? or I would get better results by using direct firing speakers?

Please let me your thoughts! Many thanks in advance!

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The question as to direct or dipole is really a personal thing. I like monopole. But I can also see di/bipole as being used.
As for the three brands you picked, I know little about the first two and saw no prices. The Polks were the only ones listed with their price @ $499/ea
Personally I would rule out MA cos I generally do not like English brand speakers. The Danish speakers I have no knowledge about. I have heard Polks many times, but have always thought there were better speakers for about the same prices.

You really have to go with whatever speakers that sound best to your ears. We all hear sounds differently.
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First of all thank you for your comments. I know that in the end I really should listen to them personally but my real concern is whether I can achieve good results by bipole/dipole speaker at my room layout due to the behind of the sofa is empty. As far as I know the dipole/bipole's are generally placed close to the back wall or even on the back wall to reflect the sound waves and cause a diffuse sound, so due to the back wall is really far away would it be OK to use them?
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Hey guys I really need your help!!! Please give me some advice!!
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I've been using dipole/bipole speakers for about 3 years now. I don't see how I'd ever go back. They have switches on the back to allow dipole or bipole operation. Here's an entire thread on who likes what when it comes to the surround speakers. Everyone has their favorites. I like the dipole settings as it diffuses the sound without blasting it all over the room - and I have a relatively small room. I'm only about 6' from either surround speaker. In a room as small as you have direct speakers may cause problems depending on where you sit. Read some of that thread I linked to and you'll see why. The Monitor Audio are well regarded speakers - as are the Polks. Personally I'd go for the MA simply because they have the bi-di-pole surrounds.

For movies the Polk Rti line may be a better choice since they were designed for HT applications and have a bit more forward (brighter) sound according to the 'polkies' I've read/talked to - the Lsi series were primarily designed for 2 channel music. Probably can't go wrong with any of those you've singled out.
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Thank you very much for the comments! Most of the bipole/dipole users are really seem satisfied with their systems and thats why I was willing to get them but still have some concerns due to my room layout! As you may noticed there is not a wall at the back of the sofa so I really wonder how would they sound with that setup!
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Originally Posted by htuccaroglu View Post

Thank you very much for the comments! Most of the bipole/dipole users are really seem satisfied with their systems and thats why I was willing to get them but still have some concerns due to my room layout! As you may noticed there is not a wall at the back of the sofa so I really wonder how would they sound with that setup!
One thing to add about dipole speakers.
They were developed when the surround channels were only mono, to create a more diffused sound.
With the advent of discrete 5~7 channels, the need for dipole/bipole is really redundant.
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I think that the Monitor Audio system is a very good system for the price; a much better system IMO than the Polk or Dali System, which I could not recommend to anyone at their prices.

If you were going to go to the KEF R500 system, I think that it is very good but that there are better systems if you are going to go to that $3000-5000 price range.

My recommendation at the $2000 level would be to get a pair of the KEF iQ90 speakers with the iQ10 speakers and the C6LCR center. That is a VERY good system which is selling at KEF Direct at an incredibly good price, because it is "last year's" model. It is still very good-sounding stuff. You can get the whole system for less than half of the price of the R500 system, and the difference in sound quality is relatively modest. For $2000 or so, I don't think this system can be equalled.

If you are serious about spending $3000-5000, however, the best you can get by far IMO is the Anthony Gallo Acoustics Classico system consisting of the CL-3, CL-1, and CL-C speakers. This is around $3000, and will blow away many systems costing considerably more. It is truly remarkable! You can also put it in your home for 60 days for a FREE trial; they pay shipping both ways and refund your money if you return it (I'll bet they don't get many returns, however...lol).

A free trial in your own home seems like a no-brainer to me; nothing to lose and MUCH to gain. I suspect you won't be able to part with it once you hear it.

There is a review of this system at avguide.com which will tell you some nice things about it. There is also a great article on the CL-3 in The Absolute Sound magazine in the July/August 2012 edition. The CL-3 speakers have some unique design features that provide for exceptional performance in several areas.

I am using the CL-3 in a 2.1 system with an NHT subwoofer, and the sound is stunning; truly excellent! They perform like speakers twice their size and twice their price IMO.

By the way, I strongly advise against dipole speakers in your room configuration; they are NOT suited for that layout. You should read up on the pros and cons of dipole speakers and you will see why.
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