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Suggestion needed

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I prefer to have a combined blu-ray/surround sound A/V receiver, similar to the Panasonic I have now. (Panasonic SC HT75)

The Cons against separate units as I see it are that the Blu-ray/surround sound units, only play surround sound while playing DVD's, not TV channels.

Also, if I go that route, most A/V units do not come with speakers (4 or 5) and I'd like them included in a combined unit.

Surround sound for DVD & TV (A/V)
Comes with speakers

I haven't come across any yet that meet all 3. This Panasonic was made in the early 2000's, so I find it hard to believe (though not impossible), that a similar combined unit is not available today.

Any suggestions?

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I picked up a Samsung HTiB a few weeks ago and really like it overall. I have it setup so it's on when ever I watch TV. Overall it sounds good! I really like the 'wireless' rear speaker as I have no way to get the wires across the room.
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They are not packaging complete systems as much as they used to.

This allows people to select a receiver and then select any speakers they want for it.

If you like the unit you have now, perhaps what you should do is keep it and upgrade to better speakers.

The Martin-Logan MLT-2 5.1 speaker system is better than most and can be had at Amazon for under $300. This would be a major upgrade to your system and is compatible with your Panasonic receiver/player.

That is what I would suggest.
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The MLT-2s are a good suggestion for upgraded speakers to any system if bookshelf-sized speakers are what you want. If you get a system with integrated blu-ray, the sub will more than likely be passive (deriving its power from the blu-ray player) and may not give you that satisfying "oomph" that an active sub would. Another drawback of integrated systems is that some of the them use proprietary speaker connectors (non-binding post) which limits your ability somewhat to upgrade the speakers later unless you are handy with making your own connections. As far as surround sound (5.1) to tv, if you use the internal ATSC tuner on the tv, all you have to do is run an optical cable out from the tv to the receiver and you'll get tv 5.1 if the program is broadcasting it. You don't say what your budget is. I'd suggest an entry level receiver (like the Yamaha RX-V371) which you can probably get for about $200 or less, a Panasonic BDT-210 or 220 blu-ray player, which you can probably find for $150 or less, and then the MLT-2s for about $300 or less.
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