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I need a receiver to power my speakers i bought last week, Any insight?

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i just bought these speakers last week on a splurge for myself. i got married in october and my wife and I are looking for houses so i figure screw, i have some money im going to buy a theater system to build myself. Something ive always wanted to do and nows the time to do it. for my first system i believe this is pretty friggin good and should last me a very long time. hope the house we pick out has the room it, LOL. anyways. heres my question/s...

being its my first time building one, i do know a bit about car stereos and home audio but would like some better insight from people that obviously has build and put together one of thier own.
What specs should i look for when in the market for a receiver to get my speakers going? i know it has to be 8 ohms, LFE for the sub would help?? should i do 5.1 or 7.1? polk audio lady said 7.1 would be nice so i can bi amp the towers for more power. Im rambling so im ready to read some insight. thanx.
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You may get better results if you posted this in the right forum:


Also, people are going to ask you how much you're willing to spend. Also, it's probably best to know your room size before you purchase a receiver or amp. That will tell you how much power you're probably going to need to drive the speakers and to make sure they're loud enough to fill the room properly.
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Many on here will tell you to design the room first, and fit the components to the room. However, I can understand deals that are too good to pass up (I did a bit of that too). I would hold off on any other components until you at least know the size of the room, if you are going to do any soundproofing, layout, etc. If you are looking to build, then design the room so it fits in to the overall flow of your house and to your specs. If buying an existing house, you'll have to make do with what you get, but it's always good to have a layout/design in your head when looking. Then you can have the "This room would be great for a HT" moment. That could put one house above another in your purchase decision.

Good Luck!!
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What about this receiver for my speakers?
I wont know the size of the room but im sure ill make do. Thanks.
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The receiver you link to seems pretty decent, I know in the past I have heard that they underrate there watts per channel, but not sure if that is still the case. You could always check the owners forum and see what owners are experiencing in real world use.

You have the beginnings of a nice system. Welcome to the madness!


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First of all, nice choice of speakers. I have the Monitor 60's and a CS2 center.

I am currently using an Onkyo TX-NR609 receiver. I have been very happy with it. They have since come out with a new product line, with the TX-NR616 being comparable to the 609.


If you don't mind purchasing the 609, they have some pretty good deals on ebay.


Having the two extra channels provided by the 7.1 is nice, but I wouldn't worry too much about the bi-amping. I personally haven't noticed any audible difference between bi-amped or non bi-amped (I currently have my fronts bi-amped just because I have the extra channels though). I still recommend getting a 7.1 receiver though as it will allow you to add two more rear channels or a powered zone 2.
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