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Help needed for simple build

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Hey guys, first of all, i apologize for making a new thread for such simple request. I also hope this is the right subforum. I'm short on time since construction is already well underway and I've spent last 2 days reading various articles and threads and I still don't have a clue smile.gif

We are talking about single story apartment with 3 bedrooms. I'll need help with pretty much everything, that means, what wires to run, which devies to buy, how to hook them up, which software to install etc. I don't own any piece of equipment so we can be flexible as much as possible.

This is what I've had in mind:

-Storage area: Modem, router, and server would host content like music, pictures, 720p, 1080p, etc

-Bedrooms: TV with access to said content and if possible internet on TV and streaming of stuff like youtube etc.

-Living room: TV, 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound which I'd like to use for music streaming too separate from TV. For example TV is on mute or using built-in speakers while i stream music on the surround system. I'll probably have a gaming console too which needs to be taken in to consideration.

I'd like everything to be integrated with eachother as much as possible, fewer remotes and hoops to jump through when switching between different stuff the better. I'm a big fan of android if it makes any difference regarding control of devices. If there are some must have features that I'm missing please fill me in. I know it isn't easy advising on whole build from scratch but I'd really appreciate it.

P.S. Is there any "list" on features that are possible with current equipment? I'd hate to build the thing and realize i overlooked some feature that i really liked that isn't expensive or complicated to implement.
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I'm building a multi room setup and I'm doing the following :

1. Multi room audio - 6 source, 8 zone output. Picked up a used multi room distribution for £40 on eBay (russound a-c68).
2. Keypads to control volume and source in each room, again picking up new keypads on eBay for £45-75
3. Hdmi amplifier (not splitter) will distribute video to 6 rooms. Bought 3 gefen amplifiers for £120 which can send single source to 6 rooms with ir pass through for control,
4. Cat6 and hdmi abound to run throughout house.
5. Most important XBMC software running on htpc, apple tv 2, or android device. This will allow full control of central meda library both audio for the multi room and video for the hdmi. This will allow control by iPad, iPhone etc.

I'm not started yet as my new build is in early stages but I recommend xbmc as the hub for whatever you are doing, the software is free and incredible.


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Sounds like Control4 might be a good fit for you. Have you looked into that? If you're in a tight spot time wise just find a C4 dealer in your area and ask if they'll give you a quick quote for Pre-wire only.

That will buy you some time to research your options while also ensuring the place gets wired properly. Keep in mind that whether you go with something like C4 or a more DIY approach, the wiring requirements will be the same for all practical purposes. So I'd recommend focusing on the infrastructure now and the devices when you're not in a rush.

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