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RX-A810 cannot sync with AppleTV

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I am having an issue getting my AppleTV to display through my RX-A810 although if I bypass the receiver the display locks just fine. I can display 1080P images from my blu-ray player, 1080i and 720p from DirecTV, 1080i from Windows Media Center through my RX-A810, etc. But when I try AppleTV at 1080p, 720p even 480i, the image doesn't lock. When I run direct to my TV (LC80LE844U 80-inch 3D LED TV) it works fine. I have tried different HDMI cables as well.

The only wrinkle is everything is going through HDBaseT extenders (http://www.accellcables.com/products/switchSplitter/HDMICat5eHDBaseT/HDMI_Cat5_HDBaseT.htm) and an HDMI Matrix Switch ( http://www.snapav.com/p-1073-b-100-hdmatrix-8x8.aspx ). But that is the same way all my other signals are routed with no issue and AppleTV through HDMI Matrix and HDBase works direct to the TV and also with a Pioneer VSX-1020 setup in the bedroom. I have played around with learning EDID settings from working components on the switch with no luck. I have also tried plugging in the appletv into the same input that works for DirecTV and that didn't work either.

Going to try HDMI out 2 tonight (just thought of that) and try to see if I can get it to work in power off pass through. I'll also try to bring the AppleTV in the room to cut out the HDBaseT/HDMI matrix.

Last thing is this DID work several months ago when I moved into the house and set everything up and wonder if an AppleTV update changed anything. The RX-A810 firmware is up to date and hasn't changed since I set the system up.

Any ideas?


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Did you try setting monitor check to skip in the advanced menu? This helps with some HDMI problems.
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Thanks for the suggestion - just tried that but no luck. Also does not work if I put the receiver in standby. Will try moving the AppleTV soon.
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Do you have processing turned on for the 810? I'd probably turn that off too.
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Yes, I did turn processing off. I also tested with the receiver off and the HDMI just running pass through figuring that might disable some processing I am not able to disable.

Since the AppleTV works via local HDMI cable (without the matrix switch and HDBaseT extenders) and the other devices all work fine via the matrix switch and HDBaseT, and this same configuration works to send the AppleTV signal to the other TVs (with and without local recievers) throughout the house, it has to be something to do with the combination of all the pieces together.

Tonight I am going to swap the HDBaseT send/recieve pair and also try inserting an HDMI signal booster on the send side and then the recieve side to see if this helps. I am also going to try another monitor in case the Sharp 80" is someone causing the sync issue on this particular configuration (even though plugging the HDBase T feed directly into the Sharp and bypassing the receiver works fine).
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With your system I would check whether it is an equipment problem or a cabling problem. The best way to do this without test equipment is temporarily place all you equipment near each other and test the system with short cables <6ft. If it works with short cables then the problem is with the HD base T or cabling.
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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it appears to be a combination of items - not just equipment or just cabling. It works fine across HDBaseT / Matrix direct to the TV. Works fine for other sources through HDBaseT/Matrix/Receiver/TV and works fine local to receiver/TV.

I have swapped all of the HDMI cables on both ends of the HDBaseT connection and the connections to the switch. I have tried a seperate HDBaseT receiver and inserting an HDMI repeater in case there is just a limit in the number of hops for stable signal.

My last items will be trying a different HDBaseT sender and a seperate cat5 run between HDBaseT units. Other than that, I'll try a different AppleTV unit since all my other sources (DirectTV, Windows Media Center, Security Camera DVR, Control 4 Onscreen GUI, etc.) all work with this same configuration and cabling.

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Hi Dan,

Respectfully, you have what I call "Analog Logic". It works with other devices so it must not be my cabling or in your case possibly HDbase T. Or it works if I go direct to my TV but not when I add the receiver so it must be the receiver. Unfortunately, with difital singaling there is a lot more going on when you add a repeater in the middle. It is a little too much to go into with what happens with repeater bits, verification to the source, etc. Most don't have instrumentation to test this type of problem. I have a LOT of experience in this dating back to the days of 8b/10b (predeccesor to DVI we used at IBM). The 810 is a certifed HDMI device where most other items are not. Sometimes that is a bad thing as it plays by the rules and the other equipment might not be.

Anyway, the best thing you can do is try what I suggested and test everything with short cables and if it doesn't work then it will make it easier to figure out your problem. I know it is a pain to move equipment but just move the components in the chain causing the problem if that is easier. You don't need to connect speakers because if you get video you should have sound. I'm assuming if your TV is mounted it would be hard to move but if it is easier to move the TV to the equipment do it that way.

I hope it works out.

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I must be missing something. I already tried hooking the appletv up directly to the receiver and it works ("short" cables - no HDBaseT). I also wired the HDBaseT output to the TV bypassing the receiver and that worked. I am not sure how that narrows down things. It works with short cables through the receiver and with long cables without the receiver in the loop. What am I not understanding?
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I don't consider the HDbaseT a long cable but even if it was because it works with one device and not the other doesn't mean it is not the cable. First if it worked through the system with a short cable your problem is the cable, period. Knowing that your cable is HDbaseT complicates things further as it is another piece in the chain and not just a cable.

The HDbaseT is like having another repeater in the system. It has to have HDMI circuitry in it with all the EDID, HDCP, etc. So there are many more areas that can go wrong. The first thing to rule out is the Cat5 cable, specifically how it is terminated. We have seen a lot of problems with bad terminations. I wouldn't use EZ-RJ45 connectors (ie pull through type of cat5 connectors.) Again, because it works with one device and not others does not mean it is not the cable. too many variables to explain but that is analog logic:)

If it is not the cable how long is the run? Can you change it? If not I would use a different Cat5 solution.
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