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Black and White "dots" all over my projector screen. What causes it?

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I got a cheap DLP projector from Dell, since I was on a budget and I just needed one that I could play xbox on. I'm pretty happy with it, since it does what I needed it to do, until this problem started happening. At first, a few white dots started showing up here and there. It's annoying when you're watching a movie, but not so much when you're playing a video game, so I barely noticed. However, these little white dots started to multiply all over the screen, and it became *extremely* annoying. Not only that, but these small black dots started showing up everywhere as well. The screen is not usable now. I can't even read text on the menus.

I probably should have called Dell a long time ago, but I've been busy with school and work, etc. I finally called them today, and they are replacing it. My question now is: what could cause this problem? Is it that it's a cheap projector? Could I have done something wrong to cause the issue? Was it just a defective unit? The reason I ask is because I want to know how this can be avoided with the new projector they are sending.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I should mention that the model is Dell M410HD. Here is what the problem looks like:

A really bad projector image

BTW, this picture is pretty low quality, and if you guys need some more detailed ones, I can snap a few tonight. Basically, the white dots seem to be present more on the left side of the screen. The black dots are all over the place, and will sometimes spell "DELL" and "DLP" right in the center of the screen. This is normally what you see when you first turn on the projector, and also when you turn off something connected to the projector (like an xbox). Thanks for your help.
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The lamps throw off tons of heat, it is a few hundred watt bulb in a tiny box. Over time and heat cycles this can kill a projector in unexpected way. The next one you get might last 1000x longer it is a bit of a dice roll. In your case is seems bits were getting stuck on/off. Glad to hear Dell is replacing it for you.
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This is a guess but the same thing has happened to two samsung rear screen DLPs TVis I had. it was the DLP chip. common problem with some models DLPchips.



Google ,,, DLP chip white dots

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First thing to do is eliminate the cable as a potential cause. Try a different cable type (component, rgb, composite, s-video) to see if the problem goes away. Run a short cable straight from the source to the projector without anything in the way (switchers, receivers etc). Does your projector display a splash-screen that does not require an external source and if so, is the problem there as well?
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Dell.jpg 65k .jpg file There are THOUSANDS of DLP Projection TV's and Projectors with the same problem. Dell is not the problem, the problem is the fact that they used Texas Instruments (TI) DLP DMD device - they are failing with the white dot syndrome in DROVES, I have numerous projectors all manufactured within the past 4 years with the same problem, they are Mitsubishi's Viewsonics, NEC, InFocus, Dell, and others - I do not know why TI has not fixed the manufacturing problems. THE DMD's are fine up until about 4 years ago. Older projectors do not have the problem. IN MY OPINION, Someone needs to start a CLASS action against TI. They have to know there has been an ongoing problem with all their DMD’s and they are not OWNING THE PROBLEM.
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Agreed. Especially when they touted that the DMD would easily last 10years! My fear is that the replacements will go bad in 4 years too. I've seen no indication that the replacement parts are different, but then nobody has verified if new replacements have a different part number.
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Vincent Dunn
Apart from 1000 different opinions (most common dust or stuck micro mirrors like in my case),

ONLY You, given very precise and clear explanation!!

thanks to TI -my LAMP going to OUTLIVE the CHIP 2 TIMES Dell Lamp have approx. 3000hrs. live

AND MINE IS NOT EVEN 1600hrs. old frown.gif

And more.. and more.. white spots....

I have a guess Your work includes explaining that, to more and more unhappy customers within last few years, and it s clear You know those facts from first hand


i will buy next gen. of display not sooner than they will offer direct implant to the brain thought..
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So you're saying that dust is not the problem at all?

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Originally Posted by Dannyxy View Post

So you're saying that dust is not the problem at all?
Well known problem ,,, Defective or poorly cooled chips failing. _ Sorry dude, - Bohanna
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It's the DMD chip. You can get replacements on Amazon or Ebay. Pretty easy to replace, too. Just follow Youtube videos on how to replace them. It's like swapping a CPU. Just make sure you have some Artic Silver or other compound, as the DMD chip is connected to a heat sink.
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Optoma had one or more models with the same problem because they tried to cheap-out on the heatsink paste. The chips ran too hot and only lasted a couple years. Apparently you can replace the DMD with the same one (using good paste on the back) and not have problems.
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