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Comcast / Xfinity??

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hello all,

anyone know the model number of the new 5 tuner DVR from Comcast / Xfinity? My friend just ordered this box today.
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the sales dept. lied!!!! comcast doesn't have a 5 tuner box
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It's amazing how clueless sales staff can be. Maybe they were confused with the whole house dvr.
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Do you guys know what the best DVR that Comcast offers for new customers - the contract installer brought out two Motorola 6412 III boxes and the one in the living room where we watch the most TV has an issue with getting all the channels we ordered so I need to call Comcast and thought I might as well go for the latest assuming it is reliable as this box needs replacing? Thanks!
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I have the Cisco RNG200. I don't know how it compares to the Motorola models, but take note that you can add an external drive to the RNG200 to expand your storage.
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i have the DCX3400 & 3400M. both are about a year old. they both have improved picture. i really noticed how black the blasck are on my sets. this motorola box has made a noticable difference. i'm in the philly area.
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