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When you film an event (video) the scenes are compiled into a "date" as seen in edit mode. How do you find out its size in minutes or MB/GB? I know you can check the size of each scene but I can't find the length of the total scenes for that date. I've search the manual, the camcorder, and sent two inquiries to Panasonic Support and got garbage back that wasn't related to my question.
I'm filming in 1080p on the internal memory. The only way I can get the length is after I've downloaded to the PC but it's in MB/GB but it doesn't show in minutes.

With all the features of the camcorder (many of which we don't use), you would think it would provide something as basic as the length (preferably in minutes) of a filming (date). If you're trying to determine how many dates you can put on a 4.7GB DVD you need to know the length of each date. This is particularly true if you're editing in a software program.

Have I missed something in the manual or camcorder?