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TVGOS not updating

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IMAG0072.jpg 410k .jpg file IMAG0073.jpg 325k .jpg file I have a SONY KDL46W4100 HDTV with the TVGOS (TV Guide) chip and for the past 3 weeks, I have been unable to get it updated. I ran the Diagnostics from RabbitEars.Info. The Host Chan says NONE. I tried numerous surrounding zip codes, but nothing seems to be working. Host Version H08-01.96
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It probably won't, again. Check this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1438076/guide-plus-tv-guide-on-screen-tvgos-rovi-guide-to-be-no-more

...or the last half dozen pages of this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1122914/tvgos-tv-guide-on-screen-devices
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I have the same problem after power got off at Sandy storm
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Check out my blog posting at http://iowadigitaltv.blogspot.com/

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I live in Utah and had same problem in early Dec. I went thru the setup process on my Sony Bravia with no luck.I was unable to go to www.tvgos.com/support so I went directly to Rovi Corp. After contacting them I did start getting my onscreen lineup but now again it has been down all weekend. Back in Dec. 2012 Rovicorp informed me that my service would continue thru April 2013 here it is Feb.1st. and it is down once again and has been almost all week. I have once again had to contact Rovicorp. It is a crappy deal when one of the selling points for me was having tvgos now it is going away. I don't have an internet hookup on my Bravia so come April I guess I'll just be SOL!!!
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so is TVGOS done ? i have Comcast and lost all my listings about 3 weeks ago. Comcast saying its a TV issue ...
does anyone still getting listings from comcast ?
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