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Spandex screen to speaker distance?

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We are in the building planning stages of our room. What distance should I have between the screen and my LCR speaker? This distance will effect the depth of the stage and riser. Has anyone noticed the sreen vibrate from the Sub?
If this has been covered my apologize I tried to search the thread with no luck!
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I haven't set mine all up yet (I'm at the screen stretching stage woohoo!), but I'd like to know the answer to that question, too. I have speakers with rear ports and they are happy when sitting around two feet away from the wall, but that sits them really close to the screen. I obviously don't want to see any movement in the screen. I'll have mine up tonight hopefully and I'll see how close I can get with the speakers then post back.
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i had mine just an inch away from the screen.
spandex behaves much more like woven screens rather than microperf ones. Perforated screens require 1 foot min. distance.

i have not noticed my screen vibrating from the LF reproduction. But this maybe depended on volume level, sub design (mine is sealed) , frame resonant frequency, how the screen is mounted, etc, etc.
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Due to the size of my room I am using non ported mini type speakers mounted directly on the wall. The screen is about two inches from the speaker. Due to such small size of the woofer of these speakers I don't see any screen movement.
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I have not heard of a single instance where the SPL of even large speakers have ever created any noticeable movment on the surface of a Spandex screen.

This is due to the porosity of Spandex....air (...and hence "sound"...) can freely pass through.
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My speakers are probably a 1/2 inch from the screen, speakers crossed over at 80hz, and I haven't noticed anything.
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i have mine ~5 inches from the screen. no audio issues. my sub is just off a side wall pointing parallel with the screen (about 3 feet in front) and have had no vibration issues with it.
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Thanks for all the replies. It looks like i will have about 1 foot of space.
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