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My second CM-7400 has finally crashed, I think. Since the daylight savings time change a little while ago, it has been acting wierd? I changed it from eastern to central time zone to correct the time since it didn't do it on its own. Then it corrected, so I set it back to eastern and a couple days later again out by an hour. It did this a few times over the last couple of weeks. Went ahead an hour last night by itself. Last night it was ok and I set it to record a few things, no prob. Wake up this morning and it's stuck on one channel with no response to remote control. The green light flashes to acknowlege reception of the signal, but it won't turn off or change channels or offer any guide? I've rebooted it a few times now and it goes through it's process, acquires the guide but same problem. Comes up with the channel posted at the top of the screen and frozen on there. Now I see if I leave it for a while with the channel guide showing at the top and the channel active both picture and sound, it reboots on it's own. It's just done it now while I'm typing although this time it's come up with a black screen and no audio, but with a blan "no information available" guide reflecting only the "correct" date and time? Left it for about 2-3 minutes and it rebooted again. Try and fix it? Toss it and buy a new TIVO Premiere or a CM7400? Read about the capacitors issue.

Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance!