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Mitsu wd73c9 bulb questions

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Hi have a wd73c9 that is just over 2 and a half yrs old, the tv gets used by 5 people in the house from 9am to 11pm most days kids do a lot of gaming we watch primetime tv at nights mornings usually my preschooler with pbs kids stuff etc.

The tv has been great for us but we noticed the picture is dimmer and dimmer, so much so I thought someone changed a setting had to go into the menus to confirm but it is set on bright mode with the setting in the 75% range (now even higher) without much help, a few nights we noticed it almost slightly flickering during brighter scenes and we have also caught it as if someone just hit the brightness down a notch but nobody is adjusting the tv.

So I am assuming my bulb is going out, few questions on that, first looking on amazon i see them for anywhere from 55 to 145 range price wise, the lower to mid priced bulbs don't seem to have bad reviews is there a big difference in the one i choose? Also what is the normal life of a bulb, I am guessing 1-2 yr range with our use maybe less hehe.

lastly if i pull this and get a replacement is it hard to do and if i do it should I keep the old bulb as a just in case the new one dies so we aren't out of a tv or can you not put an old bulb back in after it's been pulled out (is that a no no).

Thanks for the replies in advance i hope it's just a bulb thing and that I can replace it myself here without issues.

Bill smile.gif
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"Lamps" dim with age and use.
have you read the Lamp replacement thread?
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I will have to poke around and read that thread, I wondered (hoped) by description if i could tell if it was a lamp thing or a tv needs repair thing.

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How many hours? Check the owners thread for how to find out if you don't already know.
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I am also very leary of the very inexpensive lamps ($50 range) or any lamp that does not come in the lamp housing. These lamps are often 3rd party lamps and often have a short life span.

If you want to go mid-price range, Mitsubishi will sell you the correct lamp in the housing for about $99 plus shipping and tax. https://mitsuparts.3diamonds.com/PartsForModel.aspx

At least you know it is the correct lamp, even if it is a little more expensive. They are really very easy to replace. The instructions are in the owner's guide for the TV. http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/asset/file/owners_guide/C9-737-837_OG.pdf

To get total TV hours of use (and if you are on the original lamp that would also be hours of lamp use) press menu wait for the first menu to appear the press 2, 4, 7, 0 to see the service menu that will list the hours of use. Use EXIT to clear this service menu. When you do replace the lamp, it would be a good idea to keep a record of the hours at that point so you can track the new lamp.

Your useage stated - 9am to 11pm is about 19 hours a day. 19 (hours a day) x 365 (day in a year) x 2 (years of usage) = 13,870 hours in 2 years - this of course is a rough estimate, but that is a very good life span for a DLP Lamp.
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The replacement cost for my set is $180. rolleyes.gif
I don't think so.
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FTLOSM has a WD-73C9 per his original post. According to that link, the lamp for that model cost is $99. Perhaps you have a different model which has a different lamp.
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Got home from the store tonight turned tv on dimmer than ever within about 5 mins it went fizzle and dark screen constant red light on power frown.gif So the bulb has officially died I agree I got a LOT out of the original bulb here, I almost ordered one at mitsuparts.com for the $99 but i can't find anywhere on that mitsu site about what the warranty is for replacement bulbs, I will call their 800 number in the morning to ask but I was just bummed I couldn't find that info on the site itself.

Does anyone know if you buy OEM MITSU DLP from their site what the warranty period is?

Love the tv hope to get a replacement that lasts anywhere over say 1 yr if i am lucky.

Bill smile.gif
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Just talked to Mitsuparts.com via phone before ordering this OEM bulb for my set at $99, seems even though i am buying directly from them the OEM bulb is only under warranty for 90 days bummer - if i have a dud I will know well within 90 days...

I did get over 2 yrs from my original one so I guess I am going to have to just hope the replacement from them lasts half that even (i'd be happy with 1 yrs bulb length), the $50 range ones seem to have mixed reviews so think it's safer to try the OEM over some afternarket one.

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According to your amount of usage you got over 10,000 hours from your lamp, you can't base it on length of time. I replace mine about every 5,000 hours and I always have a spare lamp. Did you ever check your hours of use?

There's also no reason to believe the replacement bulb will not last as long since it's the original lamp.
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I was going to check it via the info given here and last night i barely got it on and it went poof before i could check it, ordering the mitsu bulb today hope i get even half the hrs out of this replacement if so ill be happy with that!

Bill smile.gif
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Bulb is ordered didn't like the $5 "handling" fee in the fine print of the terms and conditions but what can ya do right?

With tax and $10 shipping + the handling fee etc $120 and I will be back in business once it arrives smile.gif
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