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In wall wiring & corners - take a look

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Looking for any suggestions or help here - I am upgrading my 42" plasma to a 60" in the same location shown here.
Last time I had a member here (Brucer) who made the custom steel stands you see here. This solved two problems
1) Center channel speaker spot
2) stand did not protrude over shelf

Now if I move the speakers (FL & FR) straight up on the wall above and use a corner type mount I should be able to pull off the 60"

My question is on the right speaker since there is a big HOLE IN THE WALL behind it!
If I run over to the corner then up - I can do that ---
how to turn the corner Then pull the 3.5 feet more to the location???
Here is a view

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Here is a shot of my current stand set up - I really liked it!
and a shot from the back /kitchen area

close up shot of 2" column
shows the raw materials before mounting on the shelf
view of my living room and back of panny from dining area
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I would suggest a cantilever wall mount, with L-C-R speakers attached to the mount, adjacent to the display.


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Wow where did that unit come from? Does it hold the center channel underneath as well??
One thing is it may make the unit too wide w the speakers - do you have a front on shot?
I also want to be sure that the cantilever unit allows room for my sub which you can see back there
Thanks for your help!
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Every major mount manufacturer offers add-on speaker mounts, to TV mounts.

Some speaker manufacturers also make the speaker mounts. Contact your local Leon Speakers dealer to get speakers that match the exact size of your TV:

Artison is slightly more affordable, but quality is usually more expensive:

You might also consider a quality soundbar and subwoofer. This one is Leon:

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Looking more at your room, I see it's pretty elegantly furnished. Would look nicer if that 'component nook' held firewood, and not electronics. What's in the basement below? Would be hard to move the equipment elsewhere on that floor, with that stucco wall finish. Directly below, in the basement, would be pretty ideal. Then, I'd hang the TV with an articulating mount, on the wall, with a quality soundbar or attached quality L-C-R speakers. Looks like you have no attic, but I see stairs leading down. You might also consider rear surround speakers, and some discrete motorized roller or honeycomb shades for the problem windows.

Actually, I don't know how difficult, or easy, it would be to match that stucco wall surface. I couldn't do it, but the guy who applied it could.
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Thanks for the input and your help. I started thinking last night about the soundbar option as well - I made a little video of my "ghetto" soundbar and room.
The TV would hover just above the center speaker or sound bar - I may even be able to make a simple enclosure to hide my "ghetto" bar hahah
Don't think I can use the side mounts as then the TV would protrude in front of the shelf. We are just two teachers here! Thanks for the elegant remark though, my wife will love it
check the short vid
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Trying again after putting on Utube
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'Just 2 teachers', with an ocean view, and is that a pool? LOL

How are your rear surrounds wired? Pre-construction, or wireless?

That video is worth 1000 words, worth the effort.

What's on the other side of the wall where you want to put the right speaker? Seems kind of high, but you gotta do what you gotta do, sometimes.

If you hung the TV on the wall with an articulating mount, you could use attached L-R speakers, and even a center below. I don't know how to attach anything to that stucco wall - wood studs behind?

How about locating the L-R speakers lower - R on that low knee wall, and the left on-wall, at the same height?

Uh, what's a 'corner type mount'? This?

You could also consider articulating mounts like these

Dedicated 'corner mount' not required to mount a TV in/near a corner. You could move the TV up on the wall, with plenty of room for a sound bar or center channel below. You could even move the whole TV up above the knee wall, and get that 80" TV.
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There is nothing behind the wall for the front right speaker. You can see the back of the wall in the rear view.
The mount will have to attach to the left wall as there is only a 12" wall on the right side
don't want to come from the corner since my subwoofer sits back there.
The rear speakers I wired myself -
back left follows the floor board moulding then runs up a channel I dug and repaired next to the door jam
back right goes through some closets down stairs - THEY were a real PAIN!! haha
no pool, just the pacific ocean LOL
A sound bar could be cool but then it wouldn't match my rears...?
I could leave the steel columns, arc a board across, cover with fabric and leave the speakers as is?? or is that crazy talk??
back view again -Thanks

view of my living room and back of panny from dining area
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Is there any type of stand I could mount on the shelf?
Need TV to be 7' high to clear center channel
Stand would need to "floor mount" 7"-9" behind TV front to clear center speaker as well.
That would be cleaner than from the wall since that is really visible from the kitchen area
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Looks to me like you should wall amount, using an articulating mount from the left wall, so that the TV can be turned toward the kitchen when needed. Mount it above the knee wall, so it can be turned, and you'll have plenty a space for your speakers. If you keep the mount install neat, with lots of zip ties, it won't matter if you can see behind it.
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update on mounting / TV speaker project
I have the speakers in as you can see from the video.
I am going to try and mount a steel plate across the two posts and thread some mounting holes in the plate.
Any thoughts? feedback?

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