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I had my heart set on a ST50 then my wife killed those dreams somehow thinking 1,000 is too much for a tv? So I lowered my expectations to the UT50 to atleast maintain the 3D capabilities, for around 800. After talking with folks that actually have 3D tvs it seems unlikely that I will even use it more than a few times so many i should put that extra couple hundred bucks elsewhere. I went in to the local BB and saw an open box UT50 for $602.99. Its a 50" but its even less than I had planned on spending, should I just say eff it and get it for the pq or do you think the pq is that much better on the UT50. Personally i think the black levels are noticeably darker on the UT50 than the U50 but in my house i wont be comparing them side by side. I was also planning on buying a service plan and the extra 98 bucks should cover most of the cost of the service plan, thoughts?
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Spend the extra dough and get the one you want. Everyday you turn it on and watch, you'll be cursing at your wife and wishing you got the ST50.

And why is it open box? Somebody may have gotten it home and there were dead pixels, too much buzzing, etc. Just check to make sure you can take it back if something is wrong with it.
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