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Originally Posted by N8DOGG View Post

I'm going to get the consumer version on launch day!!!

Is there a specific day it will be available to the general public at large ?
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Originally Posted by Anthony1 View Post

Is there a specific day it will be available to the general public at large ?

Anyone can buy the developer version, they just have to get through their queue first. What N8DOGG is referring to is a consumer version which they say should be out by the end of this year or early next year, and there is no date for that. The plan is for different components by then, including a higher resolution display, apparently.
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Keep in mind that the developer version is limited in resolution while the future consumer version will be 1080P.
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Keep in mind that 1080p split to 960x1080 and stretched over a far wider field of view than you normally see still has pixels the size of your fist.
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DLJ spends his spare time knitting, pontificating on web forums and standing outside of Motion-Control rides mocking the people who go inside "It doesn't really even MOVE, You people are FOOLS!".

Methinks, to quote you from another thread, "...you're missing the point on this."
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Seriously? I disagreed with your assessment of Spec Ops, so you have decided to follow me around to other threads specifically with the intent to troll me?

Grow up, dude.
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I've got a friend getting the developer kit, I'm more interested in the 1080p consumer version when the bugs are worked out. Like Jhoff said, it's "supposed to be out last this or early next but who knows. The guy I build gaming rigs for is friends with one of the developers, so I will get my headset through him.
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I'm more interested in the 4th version of the Occulus Rift that is coming out in 2022. That's really going to be the bomb! biggrin.gif
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This might be pretty f'in cool!

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Hopefully we can do better than TF2 *shudders* and just more +8 year old source games. This would be badass freaky in ARMA2 playing DayZ. eek.gif
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Pretty cool, but I bet those goggles get pretty stinky after a while.
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Bioshock Infinite....would be amazing.
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Another way to make this Oculus Rift fit better and make it more comfortable to wear is not only have straps or head band, but make a hat like a baseball hat with the bands and straps all in one.

Another thing they might want to design into it is the ablity to see the outside world with a push of a button by putting 2 cams on the front.

This thing could be used to experiment to those sciencetist who are trying to find ways to help people who are blind see again.
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The potential for OR just keeps getting better and better for us gamers with this amazing device. I am totally amped up about it. I remain convinced that OR and 3D/VR will be the surprise player to emerge as the defining Next Generation gaming platform. And wish I could get a dev kit just to see it for myself...right now. I have not been as excited about a gaming development since the early years of Atari and Nintendo. Sony and XBox eveolved the gaming industry. But IMO the PC, Nintendo and Atari were the real change agents. OR could be the next great change agent.

This could not only revolutionize gaming...by putting us into the middle of the action. But it could revive whole other industries in very interesting ways. Take travel and leisure for example. I could see high impact travel destinations like Paris, Italy, Greece, Bahamas, Hawaii and etc creating stunning & amazing 3D, VR visual tours utilizing this device to persuade visitors to come in person. And I sure can see High resolution camera manufacturers selling & bundling their products with this device (@$399)...along with software packages to exploit that kind of usage. It can do the exact same for the Video music concert experience. Think Sting's Tuscany DVD concert on OR. Really exciting stuff.

But first and foremost...bring on the OR games! This is what I have wanted since I started gaming decades ago. To just lose myself in a AR world and explore and play. I sure hope Valve make an OR version of HL3 to help launch this technology into the stratosphere and completely ignite HTPC gaming.

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The Darklord...DLJ...hit the nail squarely on the head with his earlier comments about resolution challenges and issues.


The OR development team appears to be making impressive progress on all fronts...as attested in the article above. They seem close to nailing the consumer version. Except for resolution. I suspect they will have to make significant tradeoffs on retail pricing to overcome that hurdle. Because I believe it would be very damaging to launch this high potential product with a standard resolution threshold less than 720p-1080p per eye. They seem adamant about holding to a $399 retail price point. But I think they are boxing themselves into an unrealistic corner. I would gladly pay a premium for technology this exciting. especially if it can operate over multiple devices like...HTPC...game consoles...Mobile devices...portable HD devices like Kindle & Blu-Ray players...Auto links. I'd drop $699-$899 in a heart beat to get a 4k x 2k version of OR that is capable of giving me 1080p per eye. So I believe they need to expand their launch horizon. And prepare to launch a balls to the wall...high end...full HD version. Along with their $399 mass market version that is capable of minimally 480p per eye with Super Resolution Technology (SRT) embedded to eliminate pixel visibility. IMO 480p with "SRT" would be good enough for most people. Especially in a mass market model. If it eliminated the pixel blurring and pixel outline issues.

Now I say all of this while clearly sensing the incoming Plasma Missle from DLJ smile.gif...who knows a whole lot more than me about the technical constraints facing the OR gents...in regards to trying to deliver a high resolution product to a low price point. In all seriousness...I would appreciate any light that anyone can shed on the reality of solving the resolution issues without incurring nosebleed retail price penalties.

My instincts tell me that all of the penalties can be overcome with high volume scale. But in that regard...the OR team could be caught between the proverbial rock & hard place. This is a stage 1 product. They may need a big sugar daddy like Samsung, Apple, Sony, or MS to descend and help them launch. But that comes with loss of control. And I would hate to see that happen to them. IMO big, bloated behemoths like those companies are where breakthrough innovative ideas and concepts like OR go to die.


Edited for additions below


The link above is the Skyrim Mod for PC referenced by the NBC news article below:

Yannick LeJacq, NBC News contributor – 6 days

Playing 'Skyrim' with the Oculus Rift is a 'dream come true'

"Bethesda Softworks announced rather unceremoniously last week that it had finished making new content for "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," to free up space for the studio's "next adventure," the survival horror game "The Evil Within." But that doesn't mean that "Skyrim's" many players are done exploring its massive open world, or that enterprising modders are finished tweaking the game to unlock even more of its dormant potential. Less than a week after the game was pronounced finished, one fan has already posted a video showing how he took "Skyrim" to the next level with the help of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

YouTube user Chris Gallizzi posted a two-minute video of gameplay footage using the Oculus Rift over the weekend, calling the experience a "dream come true."

He added that the game's setting "take some adjusting depending on your sight" to match perfectly with the in-game action. Seeing as this is a home-brewed modification, these kinds of tweaks are understandable. This kind of personal modification is made possibly by Vireio Perception, a piece of open-source software that allows Oculus Rift users to customize games to become compatible with the headset.

Vireio has already been used to make popular first-person games like "Left 4 Dead," "Mirror's Edge," and "Half-Life 2" VR-compatible. But what's really exciting about the prospect of using a VR headset for an open-world game like "Skyrim" is it promises to augment all of the immersive qualities that truly bring such an expansive world to life. Companies like Bethesda are well-known for making gigantic worlds (like "Skyrim's") for players to romp through but scrimping on some necessary details like varied voice-over work and interesting storylines to truly flesh out the world. A VR headset like the Oculus Rift won't solve that problem, but enhanced immersion will at least make a developer more aware of its own shortcomings.

Watch Skyrim's Oculus Rift-powered gameplay below."
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latest updates:




1. The Forbes article has me chomping at the bit for a complete Mass Effect Trilogy redux for OR on PC. If Bioware could achieve at least ME2 level upgrades for ME1 in a remake, it would be awesome. I like Sony's involvement too. PS4 compatibility perhaps?
2. The IBTimes article is pretty much confirmation of our speculation. Towit: THis device will impact the full spectrum of video if it hits...Movies & etc made for it. A full spectrum of devs from all industries are kicking the OR tires, it seems.
3. I agree 100% with Bleszinski's pov. That's why I could actually imagine Bioware reduxing the ME trilogy utilizing OR/VR for PC only. To literally recreate the ME universe in VR in advancet of the next generation ME trilogy. Then go no hold s barred on the next ME story.

Oculus Rift will be my very first NexGen purchase. And I will buy it on release date (2014)...if it is HD. I don't think they can get away with a half assed SD/Wii type launch. Because low Q perception could kill it in the HTPC gaming community. I can't wait to tinker around with Sony Worlds like EVE online with it. IMO PCs stand to benefit most by OR. Because there are so many past game universe IPs established already that can be relaunched to exploit VR on PC. Like the aforementioned ME...and Halo...Fable...Elder Scrolls...Madden...etc. The next gen console that marries itself with this tech will be the one I will likely spring for. I will do Nintendo WiiU. Because I can see them adapoting this quickly for their in house library. The options are really endless if this intriguing concept works.

update 5/29/2013:



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One of the cofounders of Oculus Rift was killed over the weekend (the technical of the two co-founders). He was hit by a car evading police. Sucks when a senseless act takes a life too early.

Also, hope this doesn't effect the development.
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Yeah, because your $300 toy is so much more important than his life. You could probably find a way to be more selfish with your statement, but it would be difficult.

Also, what kind of sentence is this? "He was hit by a car evading police." Mr. Reisse was not evading police, and you should make an effort to not make it sound like he was.

Damn, show some respect for the dead. He was an important man doing important work and the world is a lesser place now that Andrew is gone.
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Originally Posted by darklordjames View Post

Yeah, because your $300 toy is so much more important than his life. You could probably find a way to be more selfish with your statement, but it would be difficult.

Also, what kind of sentence is this? "He was hit by a car evading police." Mr. Reisse was not evading police, and you should make an effort to not make it sound like he was.

Damn, show some respect for the dead. He was an important man doing important work and the world is a lesser place now that Andrew is gone.

I read his post and didn't confuse what he was saying. I didn't think he was being disrespectful of the dead, either. So funny how you try to act like a you are the poster boy for respect. The irony.
Oh yeah and Oculus Rift looks really cool, even after you came and crapped all over the thread with your negativity.

"You could probably find a way to be more selfish with your statement, but it would be difficult." sheesh.
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Does anyone here have a rift or tried one out?

I ordered one a few weeks back but won't get it until late July/August. I figure if there is news about a v2 dev kit or the consumer model will be here sooner than I expected I can always cancel.
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There is still no real news on the consumer version. They've tested a couple 1080p panels, but the size is wrong, it's the wrong LCD variant, or it isn't available because all of the stock is being eaten by phones.
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Today from CNET.


This little "David" just keeps circling the "Goliath market" with its nuclear slingshot! I can't wait til it gets here.

UPDATE 6/13/2013:

Here is the link DLPProjectorfan reference in his post below.


1080p/60 out of the gate! with capability to go 4k or Ultra HD! Wowzers! This is really great news. And it still looks like they can hit their launch window of late 2014 for the consumer model. This thing is shaping up to be a defining discovery in the video world. And PC gamers will be first to get it. Super stuff!
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Update on the Oculus Rift.
There is a article in PC World under the title Eyes-on: Oculus Rift VR headset ramps up the resolution.
It's a prototype 1080P version of the Oculus Rift.
Those who have tried it have said good things about it.
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I'm really looking forward to this and I even wear glasses. This is going to be some seriously cool tech and with the 1080P, glorious.
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This exciting new company continues to have a very strong development arc. They are now attracting very serious stage one investor cash. The world of HTPC gaming could take on a whole new meaning with Oculus Rift. By just slipping the HT part lightly on the head. I'm tempted to try and get my hands on a 1080p dev kit just to test drive the thing. I can't wait. But I suspect those are going to their top drawer devs., who are in the middle of seious launch projects. I may have to call a few poker chips with some very close friends at EA and elsewher to try to get one...if possible. I definitely can see all of the big game developers farming out their "Greatest Hits" games to dev houses like Saber Interactive to do HQ, VR renditions for PC.


Posting to the Oculus VR blog, co-founder and inventor Palmer Luckey said:

"Virtual reality will be one of the most significant technologies of the 21st century. It has the potential to drastically alter the way we play, communicate, and learn. I think that VR can (and will) be as widely used as Facebook or Twitter, and the societal implications will be far greater!"

Update 6/22/2013:

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Regarding the people concerned about the resolution, I just wanted to say I tried an early, early prototype of this sort of thing in the early 90s. So, if you think it would be bad now, imagine the resolution it was running at back then. In terms of resolution specs, it was horrific. The game was basic large monochrome shapes clumsily bashing into each other and you controled it by looking around with the headset on and dual joystick controllers in your hands....just total early 80s monochrome graphics. AND THE EXPERIENCE WAS STILL TOTALLY F(%&*$(* AWESOME! I still remember what if felt like. All I can say is, when this thing comes out at any resolution, just try it. It's hard to say in words the experience of immersive VR. Your eyes are only part of the equation. I personally can't wait to get one of these when they come out. If it's anything like it was 20 years ago it will be cool. Max Headroom cool. I just saw on their website HL2 will be compatible with it. That alone I'm sure will blow you away. We'll see! Can't wait for 2014!
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Here is the latest eye candy and news from the "Rift". It's getting closer people! The world of PC gaming is about to get a whole lot more interesting than "Blah" console upgrades IMO. And I am armed and dangerous with my new build. I am a day one buyer of the Rift. Sight unseen. In fact I spent a day this week with a friend who is a major league executive with Best Buy. And we talked generally about Oculus Rift among other things. He did say they plan to get behind this startup in a huge way when they are ready. And he thinks Oculus Rift will positively impact their business across multiple categories. He said it has the potential to drive PC & mobile sales through the roof. And they are already exploring ways to expand Geek squad to handle Game rig "finish" projects from major PC manufacturers to exploit the new VR PC gaming & movie category. While he didn't say they would build their own Rift PCs...he did suggest they would be looking at all avenues to grow the PC business in Best Buy. And he saw Oculus Rift as a major catalyst in that domain. Most telling was his personal view...that he thought VR gaming would become the dominant gaming choice within 5-10 years if Oculus Rift is successful. This is really interesting when contrasted with the absurd discussions going on about the XBox One, PS4 and WiiU. All are just beefed up versions of the current consoles with a new wrinkle or two. In many ways its just fanboy ball busting that sound exactly like the dinosaurs at IBM, Xerox, Digital and etc wailing about a lot of NexGen minutiae...when the real game changers were a couple of kids in garages named Jobs...Wozniak...Gates. Same thing happening here. IMO the real next Gen game changer is a 20 year old kid from the garage named Palmer Luckey. And he has smashed a grand slam Home run so far! THe Dev world is really rev'ed up about OR. And appears to be making some really cool stuff for PC. OR's comments about the console makers are insightful in the following articles. They imply that XB1...PS4 and WiiU will be outdated relative to PC gaming Rigs & Android platforms the day Oculus Rift launches. Stay tuned folks.






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I tried it today, it IS awesome, despite the big pixels. No lag when you move your head, I did get dizzy a tiny bit in the rollercoaster-thru-a-magic-castle demo, but it was indeed incredible.

Occulus Rift is the most exciting thing to happen to gaming in a long time IMO.

Better resolution, especially 4k, will help a ton, even if it's just upscaled (you can see a very obvious "screen door" effect). Not sure if the version I tested is 1080p / 2 or full 1080p resolution, it's fairly low but still playable. The important thing is moving your head around, it 100x better than those old Gravis VR goggles from the mid 90s (I even visited Gravis when I was a teenager, great company). I think improving the res and sticking these in an even lighter frame will make it "must have" and then merge with the Google Glass type devices (although I suspect those will supercede this tech, if you can mask the back and the OLED screens can get good enough, I see these two markets merging into one, ubiquitous one). No more TVs, no more projectors, everyone wears glasses. I hope this tech is merged with Kinect 2, so that you can have true VR and body control immersion. It could be better than Holodeck in theory : a holodeck you can take with you.

Good time to be alive. The future is awesome.
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What these guys are doing is nothing short of revolutionary. As certainly this will revolutionize gaming. Personally, I have not tried it out yet, but I think it's going to be pretty incredible. However, a colleague of mine had the opportunity to sample them in Europe last month, and said the experience was absolutely amazing.
Does anyone know when these are set to be released?
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