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New stuff. It just keeps getting better. PC Gaming is going to rock with this device. This sucker and VR has the potential to impact a lot of areas. And the buzz has now gone global about Oculus Rift.




I'm beginning to think Oculus Rift should not try to pack everything into a single initial launch model. In fact I now believe they should try to have 2 launch models. #1 should be the $300 model that is optimized to play 480p-720p games exceptionally well. And #2 should be a $400-$600 model that is optimized for 1080p 60 and 4K.. They should also design plug-in capability to marry a Darbee Darblet in the signal chain before the Headset. The Darbee could actually make the low cost model look very close to the premium model without Darbee. It's really exciting to think about all of the possible audio and video combinations one can use with this device. And a quick note on the Hand controller comment in the article above. Oculus is working with a cutting edge developer of controllers to marry up with the headset on an infra-red basis. It was mentioned in one of the articles I posted earlier in this thread. So they already have that base covered. The controller is supposed to be able to link with a PC Kinect for handheld and onscreen VR control.

Edit #2:
The following is a great & hilarious ying & yang pov from the skeptical side of OR/VR. I betcha "Big Boy" will become one of the most religious VR advocates by 2020! Debated from a total fanboys perspective.

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I copied the following comment and link by Chronoptimist over here. It is being discussed in the Flat panel general/OLED section/Oculus Rift thread.
Originally Posted by Chronoptimist View Post

An interesting demo from Nvidia that I had not seen until now:


Thanks for that demo Chron. It is fascinating. Looks like we might have an arms race of sorts going on...with 4k-8k/OLED leading the display industry to ultra HD in huge sizes. And Virtual Reality/4k/3D/OLED leading a charge to micro displays sizes, with Big screen impact. Nvidia joining this battle is a very big deal. Especially when viewed in context of their new Handheld video/Gaming/Controller Handheld device. I will post your link over in the Oculus Rift HTPC thread also. Great stuff!

@tgm1024: I'm with you on the curved OLED. I bet second gen Oculus Rift actually has it.

Edit 9/30/2013:
latest news from the front. The controller article (last in line) is really interesting. Those are the guys who licensed the Razer controller that OR has been using.

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I copied the following from my comment in the Flat Panel tech forum for the HTPC crowd who does not follow the Display threads. I also added a few new links at the conclusion of the comment above. Just updating the file for anyone interested In Oculus Rift.

"This article is right on point:


The marketplace is moving fast in the direction of "wearable" technology. Audio is already the de facto standard in this explosive youth genre with headphones. Next up is HD video and gaming IMO. Cell phones have already made a huge impact in HDTV viewing. Many of today's youth do most of their HDTV viewing on their Cellphones! The link with mobile technology, along with emerging flat panel display technologies like OLED, 4K and 3D, Smart TV will continue to merge. But with its perfect growth engine to accelerate this trend, growth could be explosive. That engine will be "Virtual Reality" viewing and interaction, IMO.

VR with devices & systems like Oculus Rift, Valve (SteamOS, SteamBox & Games...HL3?) and Sony's upcoming VR display will hit the market place like lightening bolts in late 2014. Video gaming will be the early beneficiary of this convergence of revolutionary technologies. All sectors of videogames (PC, Consoles, Mobile) could experience explosive growth because of Oculus Rift and Sony's innovations. Seeing the full potential...others will join the fray. Companies like Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Microsoft, Apple, Google will form unique development alliances to "Jetstream" this profitable new category. Electronic Retail will love it because of its storewide category impact. The "Big Screen" display niche will see accelerated growth as people who adopt immersive VR micro displays like Oculus Rift, will want a rough facsimile of the experiences for normal, non VR viewing. Blu-Ray, DVD and Streamed HD movie viewing will experience a renaissance because people will finally see, for the first time, what immersive, IMMAXX like, 3D, Ultra HD movie really looks like on its grandest stage (potentially). Ironically that world will be the micro display world of Virtual Reality. I can even foresee the day when blockbuster movies like Avatar 2 will be produced and released for digital Distribution/Blu-Ray release into the VR World first. Which ultimately could force all standalone theaters to go the Full 180 degree IMMAXX route just to survive.

I can't wait for this launch to happen. I have zero early adoption interest in the new consoles launching in 2013, because of Oculus Rift. I have built a massively over powered new PC to take full advantage of OR/VR. I'll buy the first console that integrates with my PC, offers VR compatibility and can link to my Oculus Rift display. Otherwise, its a no go. Sony could be the exception because they are already "rolling their own". Nintendo ironically could be number 1. Because I would bet the ranch that Nintendo will license with Oculus Rift to link their mobile devices and WiiU to OR in 2014. If for no other reason than to support the Oculus launch and defend their game space. If Nintendo does that, they could totally upstage & disrupt the Xbox One, PS4 launch momentum in 2014. While giving Oculus Rift proprietary access to Nintendo's huge game library. Along with their army of youth. I would immediately buy a WiiU in 2014 if Nintendo did such a bold move. That would be a next Gen game changer IMO.

Bottom line...Virtual Reality viewing and gaming is here to stay. Its imprint will ultimately stretch into many future worlds and platforms like Medicine, engineering, deep sea exploration, upper atmosphere exploration and etc, For us consumers the technology will be wearable, transportable, ultra mobile, flexible, compatible and accessible across all social media. And I predict it will be take your breadth away cool to youth of the world."

Edit 10/28/2013:
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Well timed new articles about Real Next Generation Gaming.


I'm sure Oculus is planning to launch a slew of training Simulations to ease people into this VR world at their own pace. And it's great to see John Carmack's influence this early. Meaning...the tight focus on PC and Mobile Gaming.

The second article with Iribe, Luckey & Carmack at an AMD brain session is flat out intriguing. Especially the part about locking in 60 FPS. It seems like they are experimenting with Valve on algorithms that stretch bandwidth up to 80-90 FPS and index. Let it drop to 40-50 and index. Then average it all at a stable & constant 60 FPS. That could mean we are always playing VR Games slightly in the past...by microseconds. This technique is widely used by Broadcasters of "Live" Events like sports to fit in commercials. This is truly the little mouse that is roaring!. Fascinating stuff. And it will take some serious processing power in the future...when they start developing 8k-16k VR-3D game worlds. We may also be seeing a sneak peek at what HL3 is going to be about.


On the processing power. Iribe speculated about the requirements that we will be upgrading to in the future to keep up with this fast moving technology. And that is to get the fastest, most seamless experience in ultra HD resolutions (for optimum 3D/VR immersion). He referenced 8k and beyond as VR targets. Which made me think. Will SLI/Crossfire be the best way to decode VR from a GPU/APU standpoint? If we are looking at stable 1080p 60 per eye out of the gate, with the consumer model in 2014. And 2160 per eye later...can a single GPU handle that? In any of the classes? Or will we be capable of configuring a GPU (say AMD HD7870 & its NVidia equivalent) in SLI/CF setup to handle resolution to each eye separately? There are several others much more versed than me to answer that on this forum. And I would be very interested to hear their take on it. Even though we are only talking theory at this point. But my layman's take on it is thus. I'm not sure if the best of class GPU's of today can handle a stable 1080p 60 resolution per eye in a single GPU setup.
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Just an Update until this puppy hits the market in 2014. That unit Carmack is holding looks very serious. Looks like they have reduced size and weight. Plus they seem to have pretty much conquered the latency issues causing nausea with some people. Apparently with the big time help from Valve. So Half Life 3 and Portal just may be reall "Balls to the Walls" VR experiences for those who have the hardware.





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A new prototype at CES is using an OLED display, with drastically less persistence, and full positional tracking (currently using an external camera):

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"With the latest Rift, Oculus has created a device that may usher in an era of truly immersive gaming and entertainment, and even create new opportunities for businesses to use virtual reality in everything from manufacturing to medical environments. Of all the exciting, innovative products we've seen at CES this year, the Oculus Rift "Crystal Cove" prototype is unquestionably the best of the best."


My wishes are simple now on Oculus Rift. I can't wait to play a complete VR rework of Mass Effect Trilogy on it! With a controller and something like Kinect 2.0.
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Yeah disappointed I didn't make it to the OR booth at CES. Would have loved to try the new one.
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I would love to be able to use the Steam Controller with Oculus Rift. But I think the best solution may end up being my trusty old Xbox 360 controller. Because I know where every button is with my eyes closed. But for PC I sure wish one of the aftermarket companies would make a Steam like controller with more programmable buttons....and Braile like protusions or indentations that I could easily locate and activate. Since we will not be able to see the controller in VR...keyboard/mouse is a non starter for me. But the market is wide open for different kind of controllers with recognizable tactile symbols. We may all learn some form of Braile through VR.

Edit 1/13:
I'm really rethinking what kind of headphones I'll use with OR too. I normally don't like ear buds. But I may go that way with OR. Because my Pioneer, Sennheiser and Turtle Beach may be too big, bulky and heavy when combined with that head set..
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That's true about the 360 controller being very familiar, but that being said, Microsoft needs to get drivers out for the One controller on Windows already. I like the feel of the One's sticks and d-pad so much better that every time I now pick up the 360 controller for PC gaming, it feels slightly awkward. biggrin.gif
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Apparently there is also now a VR version of Steam Big Picture in beta:

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Looks like Valve is now doing a lot of R&D work for Oculus Rift as they have developed their own - far more advanced - VR system that they are refining to further the Oculus designs since they have more or less unlimited funding and resources compared to the OR team. Very interesting.
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I hope I don't spoil the fun with the Oculus Rift but there is another VR head set on the block called The Game Face Mark 4 3D printed proof of concept.
Gamefacelabs.com introduced their own announced its own alternative to the Oculus Rift with build in Android system and no wires.
Now we have not one but 2 VR head set systems to choose from later this year.
On one of the videos from Gamefacelabs there was this interview that I could have thought that the guy said that they might have 2K by January so that means that interview was taken a few months ago.
Their latest prototype has HD in it, OLED.
It looks like the GAMEFACE will be giving the Oculus Rift a run for it's money.
I have been waiting for a decent LED 1080P projector for years at a decent price but this may cause me to ditch projectors all together since it will be cheaper than buying a projector, immersive, no need for screen or theator room.
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I'm kinda thinking that if I'm able to resist the temptation, I'm going to pass on the first wave of these VR products when they get released. I'd love to wait for the 2.0 versions, so to speak. The followups to the first generation units that they release to consumers. I'm guessing VR will have some serious growing pains for the first couple of years, but by 2020, there should be some kick-arse VR experiences to be had once all the kinks are out of the equation. Or at least, most of the kinks.

In another 20 years, it should be glorious. The gear will be much more light weight, almost like just having glasses on, instead of some huge contraption. The resolution will be crazy high, with incredibly low latency, and it will track you and all your limbs in 3D space as accurately as possible.

On this one podcast, they were talking about actually having these places that you would go to, where you could be playing "laser tag", inside a warehouse that has been converted to have walls or trees, or whatever. There will be employees that will be inside the environment (but invisible to you with the headset on), making sure you don't hurt yourself by running into something, and I'm sure you'll have to sign a release form, etc, etc, but no question about it, there will be entertainment centers where you'll be able to go there, and run around inside this magical environment that seems like you're on a space station, but you're really just in a warehouse. Or maybe it will seem like you're in world war 2, but you're really just inside a warehouse. Think of miniature golf or a water park type deal, but instead it's just this giant building that has had all the insides altered to "seem" like a real environment for the virtual gameworld that you are playing inside.
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Think the movie Lawnmower Man. Those warehouse game centers will be loaded with circular...enclosed...360 degree movable platforms that allow you to enter with the VR goggles. And play all sort of games without fear of falling down and injuring yourself. Plus it will allow one to suspend belief. Maybe eventually this mobile station technology will find its way into Home Entertainment Centers. But initially, I think they will be too big. And as the OR folks said. Their initial offering will be tailored to "Sit Down' gamers.

There is absolutely no way I won't be a day one adopter of Oculus Rift. Heck...I could be dead...God forbid...when version 2.0 eventually gets here. $399 offers so much more potential than those klutzy next gen consoles, that were just beefed up last gens, that unnecessarily raised the cost/prices exponentially on everything gaming. And with very low return IMO. I doubt that a person will even notice the weight of the initial consumer version, once they immerse in a game. I agree that it will get much better over time. But to miss the initial OMG stage will be to much for me to sacrifice. The new consoles were DOA in terms of delivering that kind of reaction IMO. And that's why I stayed away from them like the plague. I decided to invest that $1000+ into something that would hold my interest longer than a few days. Meaning Oculus Rift in 2014-2015. PC was my upgrade of choice in 2013.
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TGM1024 posted this on the Oculus Rift thread in the Display devices Area (Flat Panel General and OLED Tech). I thought it was hilarious. And since it talks about "Blue Games"...I took the liberty to copy it over here.

"Well we knew THIS wasn't far behind in the occulus rift channel. They're reporting on a sex game available soon for the OR, from a new startup called "Sinful Robot".


BTW: These two "web reporters" are a complete riot!"
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Pre-ordered http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/avegantglyph/a-mobile-personal-theater-with-built-in-premium-au?ref=search today

Hope it will add a nice touch to my racing sim but probably just another gadget. Kicking myself b/c I could have tried it at ces. As others have said, I'll be first in line to order a rift when they go on sale to end users. I did get a chance to try two demos of the rift at ces. One was meh but the other showed great potential of what the device can do. Both demos were on the older version.

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Higher resolution than the Rift developer kit, but drastically smaller field of view on that one. The screens might look nicer, but probably not nearly as immersive.
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Gameface only does android, that's a big difference.
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Gameface is actually a third option different from the one above.

Still though, I don't think I'd call the Glyph virtual reality. They specifically say they don't want to immerse the viewer too much. Still, that retinal projection stuff they talk about does sound pretty interesting.
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I was responding to DLPProjectorfan. He's thinking that gameface will provide some kind of competition to OR. But it's not really competition.
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I am failing to see how the OR added anything significant to that particular experience. confused.gif

What am I missing?

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Yeah, that demo doesn't do much for me either.

I can't remember if it was already posted here but I didn't see it in the thread - something like this seems much more compelling to me as a unique demo, for example:

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Far more interesting concept, thanks for the video (other than the annoying guy making the video).

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I posted the video because it came up on some dopey website I visit sometimes. I didn't realize there were other videos out there. I only have a passing interest in OR so I'm not out looking for something that's actually a good representation smile.gif

That second video is just so annoying. You can tell the guy loves the sound of his own voice and probably thinks you do to.
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Yeah, I agree the guy is annoying, I just really loved the concept of that demo - that you can sort of settle into this room (even if it's not quite your own room) to play this game, and then have the world around you be affected by it.
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Originally Posted by Yrd View Post

I posted the video because it came up on some dopey website I visit sometimes. I didn't realize there were other videos out there. I only have a passing interest in OR so I'm not out looking for something that's actually a good representation smile.gif

That second video is just so annoying. You can tell the guy loves the sound of his own voice and probably thinks you do to.

Was not a knock against you for posting it, sorry if it came across that way. wink.gif

It just seemed rather silly of them to include the OR there and act as if it had some sort of impact on the experience.

Now the second video is a concept I am interested in seeing flushed out with an actual solid gaming experience, something like that will sell the OR to many more people.

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I didn't take it that way. It felt like maybe that video represents my gaming interests. Which it does not. I just found it amusing, and it was really the only OR video I've seen.
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This is kinda crazy:

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