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Windows 8 wont record from sleep

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WMC no longer records if the computer is asleep in WIndows 8. The computer wakes when the show comes on but then it goes to sleep after 15 minutes (which is how long I set the sleep timer).

Its like WMC is not launching when the computer wakes so the computer then goes back to sleep because of inactivity. Is it not compatible with logging in using an email account? I have that set up and then turned off the require password setting.
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Recording is done by a background service: Windows Media Center Receiver Service. It has nothing to do with you desktop user login. Nor does it launch WMC. As for why it doesn't record, I have no idea. For me, WMC on Win8 is very unstable. It won't detect my HDHomeRun Prime tuners most of the time (a common problem). So, I won't trust any of my Win8 PCs to record TV shows.

You need to check your PC's event logs to see what error is WMC encountering while trying to record your show.
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I can't imagine MC on 8 underwent a huge amount of testing to be honest, and while it 'works' (sort of), there are obviously some problems. Easiest route is go back to 7, where MC performs very reliably.
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alright. I went ahead and tested this. it does record from sleep for me.

i set my PC to sleep after 1 minute. set a recording in the future. let it record for 10 minutes. woke my PC back up and it was still recording.

Hauppauge 1600 and Hauppauge 1800 cards. ATI HD4670 and HD4200 graphics cards.
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I turned my computer on and the tuner still works and doesnt give a message about any errors, it just doesnt even try to record. Like I said the PC wakes, does nothing, then goes back to sleep from being idle.

Looked in the event log and it says recording of the show began late because of a system malfunction or power loss (I woke the computer at the end of the show it was supposed to record). I dont think the power went out because my clock isnt blinking and the computer was still sleeping and not turned off.
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you should give more information. like what tuner cards you have and whether there are Windows 8 compatibility issue with them. Ceton just released some Windows 8 drivers. And Hauppauge also has them.
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Well 2 weeks and Ive achieved 100% failure rate on recording from sleep while at work. Sometimes it will wake up and record if the computer has not been sleeping for very long, it has never successfully recorded if its been sleeping for hours. I set it to record a show at 5pm every day and it has not once succeeded. In Windows 7 it would stay awake with an error message, in Windows 8 it just goes back to sleep.

Im using the Hauppauge DCR 2650
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the support site is showing windows 8 compatibility. did you check out any hauppauge forums to see if others are having the same problem?

Note:The WinTV-DCR-2650 is only supported under Windows 7 and Windows 8 (with the Windows Media Center add-on).

WinTV-DCR-2650 Installation CD
WinTV-DCR-2650 Installer Version 1.6.30104

WinTV-DCR-2650 Installer Version 1.6.30104 (alternate download site)

Note: This is a single file which includes the Windows 7 and 8 driver, firmware plus utilities

New: This version includes latest firmware update dated April 05 2012

New: This version includes IR support for Media center remote control.
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