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Is this buzzing normal with newer plasmas (55VT50)?

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So some backstory - found a great deal on an open-box 55VT50 from an Amazon affiliate, only damage to the back/stand (some small dents in lower-mid area), otherwise looked pristine. White glove delivery guys put it up on my stand, fired it up and my heart skipped a beat.


(the banging noise btw is my dogs locked scratching at the door on the balcony)

I wish I walked around my home while taking the video, because it was easily audible 30+ feet away at my front door... I live in a 16 x 40 foot loft with 11 foot ceilings, the ceiling and one wall is concrete.

Anyway, I had to refuse delivery. It was hard for me to believe something wasn't wrong with the set.

I've never owned a plasma but I've been in many homes with them and don't recall hearing anything like this. I have a first gen PS3 and with its fans at full blast watching a blu-ray it is annoying, but it's right at my threshold of acceptability. Indeed the issue is likely exacerbated by living in a mostly concrete home.

So I have to ask - does this actually sound normal, what you hear on the video with my phone a couple feet behind the display? If not I'll probably just purchase a new GT55, otherwise I guess LCD will have to be it.
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Plasmas can buzz but within a model not all will....if it bugs you absolutely simply return it (and buy so you can). Some even think some ears are more sensitive to it than others.
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So after some research it seems like this is possibly the issue/fix:


It seems most people report this as being in the board on the upper right side? That's definitely where I was hearing it, thought it was emanating from the fan at first.

Put in a notice to the retailer to see if they'd be willing to stop the return shipment and orchestrate a local fix.
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I have a relatively new VT50 and I get definite buzzing when the screen is a solid, bright color (like running slides or PS3 menu screens). No problems otherwise, however.
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I'm aware most plasmas have some degree of buzz and that it tend to vary with light output. A minor amount (similar to hum from a fridge) I have no problem with. This was indeed loud, it's a shame I didn't walk away from the TV and continue with the video. You could hear it anywhere in my loft, which isn't the quietest place itself as I live in the middle of downtown San Diego so there is always some ambient street noise.

That said, do you notice a pattern with the noise like in the link I have? IOW, the moment the TV is turned on it gets quite loud for a second or two then settles down.

The retailer has coordinated a stop on the return shipment and to have a Panasonic tech fix the unit at the warehouse. Hopefully it's a simple fix, I got a great deal on this open box unit aside from the some cosmetic blemishes on the back and this noise it appeared to be in good shape, the uncalibrated screen out of the box was mesmerizing. If I send this back I'll probably get a new GT50.
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Huge variations. Last year I had two ST30s at home. One only had a faint buzz on white screens, the other one sounded like a beehive full of angry bees. Couldn't stand it.
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Getting my GT today...worried about the infamous buzz,,it just amazes me that panny can't solve this ongoing problem..i mean what is the deal anyway? rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by feedthemachine View Post

Getting my GT today...worried about the infamous buzz,,it just amazes me that panny can't solve this ongoing problem..i mean what is the deal anyway? rolleyes.gif

The deal is that excessive buzzing is because of a defect, it's not the norm. It's been happening on Plasma TVs since their inception. The very first Plasma TV i ever saw was a $12,000 Fujitsu in the entry of a Ken Crane's back around 1999 and it was buzzing very loudly. They were waiting for a technician to come fix it. The other Plasmas in the store weren't buzzing.

There have been reports of excessive buzzing every year with every brand since i started reading AVS back in 2000 or so. If you read the Samsung threads there are lots of buzzing complaints there too, same went for Pioneer and Philips and HP and HItachi and NEC and Sony back when they made Plasmas. What about the power supply failures? Or the video board failures? Or the input board failures? Why not be worried about that too?

It's simple. If your new GT50 buzzes on a white screen at more than a few feet, refuse the delivery or return it to the seller. There is no need to keep a defective TV.
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With all due respect guys, did anyone look at the link to the youtube vid I posted above where the guy says this basically comes down to not using lockwashers on the controller boards? That the boards are not properly secured and this is the root cause of most buzzing? This seems like a simple fix. I've found quite a few references to this being the case at least on late model Pannys on AVSforum, not sure about issues on older models. One poster surmised on the 2012 product line that Panasonic got a handle on this issue for models with a build date past July 2012.

Without a doubt if you bought the TV new and it's not a hassle refuse/return until you get one without the issue. But keep in mind there's alot of people who have this happen to them a year or so down the line. I bought this TV as an open box and saved about $1000 off what it would cost new through an Amazon affiliate, so I have Amazon's 30 day umbrella policy to return it is they can not make it buzz free. It's worth it to me to have them make the fix. Of course YMMV.
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