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Low cost AVR w/pre-outs?

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A buddy of mine just got a $300 quote to fix an old Yahama receiver that he uses as a pre-out to a Rotel amp. I told him not to do it as he could probably pick up an inexpensive AVR that might have 5.1, maybe an USB input, a couple of HDMI inputs, and has pre-outs for his amp. Last years model or older is fine, he's pretty budget conscious due to some personal setbacks.

Suggestions for new stuff? I know he might be Ok with used, but I hate to recommend that to him, then be responsible if he gets someone else's headache.

I had bad experiences with refurbs, the product, not the service. AC4Less and Denon were very good to me, eventually Denon giving me a new 3313CI after replacing 3 bad 3312 refurbs. Yep, all 3 they shipped me were bad, all in different ways. That is a whole 'nother thread I guess.


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Really ? Nothing?

Come on guys.
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Is it a two channel amp or a 5 channel amp?

Amazon had a Marantz 1602 for $349 a couple days that had preouts for the front speakers, USB input and networking. Sale may have ended now though.

otherwise the HK AVR 2600 has a full set of preouts with 2 year mfrs warranty. Shipped directly from Harman Store.
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The next to no cheap AVRs with pre-outs. Adding pre-outs adds to the total cost of an AVR.
For instants, HK's last 9 AVRs only the 3600 has pre-outs. And it was the top of the 1600, 2600, 3600 series.
I've seen some Marantz AVRs that only has pre-outs for the main L/R. I think the same for Denon.
The cheapest Yamaha to have pre-outs is the A810 @ $590, from what I saw.
The catch 22 of pre-outs is the cheaper units with the smaller amps are exactly the ones that would benefit from having pre-outs, but don't.
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I was going to make a new thread, but this is such a similar one, I figure I'd post it in here.

This is my current 5.1 setup:

Panasonic XR55
Onix X-MTM - L/R
Onix X-CS - Center
Onix X-LS - Surrounds

I'm looking to either upgrade to a newer receiver with hopes of adding a 5 channel amp in the future. The XR55 doesn't have HDMI, is horrendously ugly, and receivers with microphone calibration intrigue me. Finding a relatively cheap receiver with a full set of pre-outs seems like a tall order, however. I don't think the HK 2600 has pre-outs, like a previous poster stated.

Currently I'm looking at these two:
1) Yamaha RX-V667 @ $499 on Amazon
2) Harmon Kardon AVR 3600 @ $400 (Remanufactured w/ warranty)

Out of these two, which you go with? How do the Yamaha YPAO and Harmon Kardon EzSet/EQ compare to Audessy's MultEQ?
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It's a 2 channel amp, he needs some serious upgrading. He's gone through a divorce recently, short on money and gear.

I just sent HK a question. If he runs his RF and LF off of his amp so it sounds better while listening to cd's, can he run the other 3 speakers off of the HK AVR and still keep the 5.1 separation and delays correct for video, blu-ray, and broadcasts?

Anyone have any experience with the HK refurbs? As I mentioned, I had a very poor experience with Denon refurbs through AC4Less. Not the customer service, that was very good, from them and the Denon people both.
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