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Help with Converting Mini DV to DVD

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REally not sure where to put this thread. if in wrong area, please move.....

I have an old Canon Camcorder ZR45 and am trying to convert Mini DVs to DVD using Honesttech 5.0 software. I am having problems with the AV cables and the camera video not being recognized by the software. Outside of renting a camera that plays these tapes, what are my options to troubleshoot this? The camera doesnt seem to have a S video output either. Anyone ever use this software to convert these tapes?
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You can try WinDV, a freeware utility to capture video ("Download Latest version"/zip file):


Make sure you're using a firewire cable with the right amount of pins for your camcorder and PC (see the documentation for your camcorder and your PC/firewire card).
Make sure you are plugging it into the firewire on the camcorder/not the USB (the markings look similar).

Make sure you are plugging the firewire cable into the firewire port on the PC.

Once you have the avi files on your computer/after capture...you either burn them directly to the DVD/for playback on computer,to store them or to playback on another device that supports avi.

You could convert avi to mpeg-2 with a freeware converter and then burn directly ontoa DVD. Or you could use DVD buring software with menus and it will take care of it for you.

Your software you already have might be able to do something with the captures avi files. Just get the files on your computer first.
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I agree with xfws. Ditch the Honestech hardware and use a Firewire cable to connect your miniDV camcorder to your PC/Laptop.

You will need one of these Firewire cables (depending on what sized port your PC/Laptop has. Your miniDV camcorder has a 4 pin port.
Amazon - 4 pin to 6 pin
Amazon - 4 pin to 4 pin

Once you have connected your miniDV camcorder to your PC, use the WinDV software xfws suggested. Your video will be transferred as an AVI file (DV-AVI codec) at 13 gigabytes per hour. The quality will be the exact same as what's on the tape.

Once the AVI file is on your PC, you can import the AVI file into your video editing software (the Honestech software accepts AVI files) and create your DVD.

Actually, you may be able to use the Honestech software to capture your video (instead of using the WinDV app). But whatever you do, never use USB to transfer video from a miniDV, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 or VHS source.
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