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need help with bookshelfs

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New House and wife wants Towers gone
Tv Sony KDL55HX750 - 55 inch 3D Wifi XR 480hz TV
old speakers mission 735 towers and center about 20 yrs old Yamaha sub
(been a long time since I bought speakers)
Sony Blu Ray
Onkyo tx sr505
Problem wall unit opening for Front speakers 11x8 inches
room 16x20 with vaulted ceiling
budget 1500 for LCR and Sub
Mostly Tv movies and rock music
Thanks in advance for any help
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Maybe too big for the wife, but the Ascend Acoust CMT340s are excellent and run about 600/pr shipped. The matching center will run you 330 shipped. That would leave you 500 and that should get you a quality sub- SVS, Epik, EMP, etc...Just one suggestion. I don't own these speakers, but have a good friend who does and they are very improessive for the money!
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Are you placing the speakers in a cubby hole like opening/section?
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The opening is on each side of the wall unit wood back top and bottom wrought iron sides at work can't send pic
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Kef c3 looks like it would fit nicely in my spot and front ported
still looking
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Also looking Def tech pro monitor1000 with pro sub 1000 and pro center 1000 or 2000
any comments guys between kef or def or any other suggestions
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I recently shopped around for a 3.0 system (2 bookshelfs and a center) that needed to be set up very close to the back wall of my space, so I limited my search to front-ported or acoustic suspension speakers. Ultimately I settled on the NHT Classic Three bookshelf with the TwoC center. They're an acoustic suspension design, so no ports. I found that while KEF's bookshelf speakers are front-ported, their centers (at least the ones I was looking at) have the ports in the back. NHT is having a sale at the moment (http://www.nhthifi.com/NHT-Black-Friday-Secret-Sale-Page), I paid $1k shipped for a pair of Classic Threes and the TwoC center.
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I'm a fan of KEF speakers but I wouldn't recommend the C series. For the money there are several better options. (I would only recommend KEF speakers with Uni-Q drivers.)
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Thnking def tech pro 1000 with pro 2000 center or mythos gem and mythos 7 center any ideas on which way to go
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listened to def tech 1000 and b and w 686 yesterday liked the b and w better also the martin logan lx-16
so now thinking b and w or martin logan any suggestions
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