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It's taken me about 3 weeks to complete my HT. This is my first real HT setup so I'm still a newbie. Still waiting for my 4 Pacifico chairs to arrive. My build includes 8350 epson, Studio 100's, cc 690, 2 x adp 590, Marantz 7007, PSA xv-15, Panamax M5300 and 92 inch Draper screen.
I've been having some issues getting my sound just right. For the past 2 days I've been driving myself crazy because my center channel just didn't sound right. At about -7 dbs and up the voices were sounding kind of echoey almost like they had a lisp. So I was thinking there was something wrong with my cc-690 or Marantz. I hooked the center up to the Left front yesterday and listen to some music in pure direct and it wasn't really there. I could definitely hear it more when I was in Audyssey XT mode. So I think my cc 690 fine I just have to mess with the setting on the Marantz. I know from reading AVS there are a ton of factors to get the system on point. So I will keep searching on AVS or see if I can get a pro's help.

Room size is 14x 25 with a 9 x 3.5 area behind my screen