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Sharp Soundbar HT-SB60

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I have a Sharp Aquos 60 inch LE640u smart Tv + a Sharp Soundbar HT-SB60.

soundbar features:
• 2.1ch Sound Bar Home Theatre System
• 60" Matching Design
• 310W RMS Total Output Power
(80W/Ch + 150W Subwoofer)
• Wireless Subwoofer for Flexible Placement
• dts Digital Surround / Dolby Digital
• 3D Audio (Arnis 3D Sound)
• Sound Modes: Cinema/Music/Game/Sport/News/Night
• HDMI 3D Pass Through / Repeater / ARC
• HDMI In (x2) and HDMI Out (x1) for HDMI Switching
• Audio in: 3.5mm (x1), Optical (x1)
• Volume Control via TV Remote
• Auto Power On/Off
• Wall Mounting Brackets and Template Supplied
• Remote Control
• Stand-By Power 0.4W MODEL OVERVIEW

"Immerse yourself in a room full of sound with this 2.1 channel
sound bar home theatre system featuring 150W wireless
subwoofer. Equipped with four woofers and two soft dome
tweeters, the HT-SB60 boasts 310 watts RMS total output
The system is designed for 60" class or larger televisions.
With supplied wall mounting hardware and multiple
connectivity options, the HT-SB60 will complete your home
entertainment experience. " .....

So the user manual states that I should connect my cable box and ps3 to the soundbar via hdmi and connect the soundbar to the tv via hdmi (Tv arc capable). Strange thing is, i tried playing a bluray this way, and only audio came out from the soundbar, but no picture was displayed on the tv. The aquos link is connected.

What am I doing wrong.

Ps. I have plugged everything to the tv and then connected the tv to the soundbar, and although this works, it does not necessarily ensure that I get dolby/dts surround audio coming out of my speakers.
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It doesn't matter if the soundbar can decode dolby/dts since you are using hdmi. Just make sure you set the audio output settings to lpcm on your ps3. As for no video make sure you have the ps3 hdmi in the input on your soundbar and the hdmi going to your tv coming from the output on your soundbar. Turn off arc since you have the ps3 connected directly to the soundbar. It shouldn't matter if aquos link is on or off for the video and audio to work properly. Aquos link just lets you control both devices using the same remote
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