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Been a long time Harmony user. Have a 680 and a 900, both work well. The 900 tilt sensor is toast now and the remedy from Harmony is pretty much "bummer dude". The remote is over three years old so I guess I don't expect a lifetime warranty. But Still, for the price, this is not cool. I bought a touch last week for another room. I returned the touch yesterday. Not a terrible piece of gear but nothing special and definitely not two hundred fifty dollars worth of awesomeness either. If I had to choose I'd take the 900 over the touch without question.

Thanks to this forum I found TouchSquid. I figured if I was going touch with the Harmony might as well go full touch. I had a few questions and emailed the Squid guys and had a reply in less than a half hour. (That's less time than I spent on the phone with Harmony tech support)

I didn't buy the TouchSquid tablet. I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 At Best Buy. With a sale, and Reward Zone points (from my Panasonic 65 GT50!! ) I paid $104.00 + tax. Add the 40 bucks for the app and I'm still a hundred bucks cheaper than the Harmony and I have a nice little tablet too.

The Squid setup was simple and fast for the basic setup. Working on the customization for activities and devices but so far well worth every penny.

High praise for the TouchSquid guys!!