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Can you fix Pioneer's AVNavigator?? Random setup advice?

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So I recieved my cyber-monday present to myself today. smile.gif A Pioneer SC-1222K. I got it out of the box several hours ago and since the instructions suggest using the AVNavigator software that comes on the included CD to help setup the reciever so thats what I did first. Well now instead of spending all afternoon disabling my old amp and hooking up this one I have been scouring the web looking for a fix to this software. I tried downloading it from the auto-run software that pops up. FAIL.

It loads up in Japanese(forgive me for not being able to ID asian letters)??? Apparently you can easily find people stating this same problem in forums however solutions seem hard to find. So I turn to you o wise forum gurus for help. smile.gif I work during the few meager hours pioneer provides customer support so calling them isn't really an option, and from another forum answer I saw their solution doesn't work anyways. They claim it will not work if Firefox is your default browser. OK no problem I made IE default and it did the same thing. I even went so far as deleting Firefox just in case but still no good. Another user stated that if you skip the auto-run on the cd and just download it directly off the disk that will make it work. Still asian letters. :/ Also it appears that Pioneer doesn't make this software available for online download. Soooooo what can I do??

Also I will call myself a somewhat knowledgable rookie, with a midgrade setup. This is probably one of the bigger upgrades I have made so far so if anybody wants to leave some words of advice when setting all this up I would appreciate it. I currently have a very basic Sony 7.1 reciever. All Sony speakers. 2 floor standing speakers, 1 center channel, 4 box surrounds, and a powered 10. If you want the model numbers I will do a bit of research and get those posted for you.

Thanks guys!! Please don't hate cause I'm a noob!! smile.gif
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I am very experienced on Pioneer Elite receivers and setup over many years. With the SC-68 I recently bought, I have inserted the AV Nav disc that came with it just to see what's on the disc & how it's organized. I did install the setup software to a windows XP Pro tablet with IE7 and had no problems at all, no failures and correct language. If you have Vista, W7 or W8 you may have admin rights or compatibility mode installation issues to deal with. The software itself has 2 language choices, Eng & French. No Japanese. I assume you bought your 1222 in US and have US version? The AV Nav that came with the 68 is version 2012.IV

I did not use the AV Nav to setup the SC-68 since I am very familiar with their setup anyway. so other than look at the disc and install & review the software, that's as far as I went with it.

What I can say to you is that you are spending far more time trying to figure out how to use the software than it takes to setup the receiver using the setup menu and a TV for the onscreen display wink.gif

and it's not hard to get started with auto MCACC for a basic Symmetry preset calibration & EQ.

why don't you give it a try so you can enjoy your new receiver? you can always keep working on the software issues as you go in case you ever want to go that route.

just a suggestion & not meant just because you're new smile.gif

I think it's great you're trying to learn the software & seeking help. I'm just thinking of the frustration of not being able to jump in & enjoy your "toy" smile.gif

there are thousands of experienced Pioneer SC model owners and dozens of SC model threads so if you get stuck, there will be people ready to answer questions. The AV Nav hardly ever gets discussed, can't recall much of any discussion, frankly. You may get lucky and someone here can help you which would be great. in that case, if you do figure it out, you can be the one who helps us! smile.gif

if you are having problems just installing it or it's in japanese only, you may end up having to call Pioneer since it's possible you have an international Asian disc. Just guessing. They would know for sure which version should be in the box smile.gif you may have to make time for that call. You may have a windows OS or IE setting issue that's interfering and the problem may be with your versions of IE & its language settings...you will need PC help in that case...just guessing & that's why you should take time to call Pioneer.

you do have my curiosity up so later this weekend I may try using the software and would be glad to help if I can.
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I had the same problem today on a Win 7 64bit system. Got around it by going to the app on the CD and running it as an administrator.
It took a while, but installed without any problem, and in English :-)

Although I have to agree with ss9001, I completed by setup without this app, and it doesn't really tell you more than is in the manual anyway.
Still it is a simple way to walk through your setup.

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Originally Posted by philhumphrey View Post

Got around it by going to the app on the CD and running it as an administrator...Phil.

bingo...I think you have the answer smile.gif
I did suggest that as a possibility wink.gif

perfectly good software that won't install on OS past WinXP? Microsoft's default user mode for the OS immediately comes to mind as the problem. I believe it's right click & run in XP compatibility mode or set yourself up as the admin. This has been a "feature" since Vista wink.gif
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I just got this receiver today too and was having the same problem!!! You were right about running the file as Administrator - it worked right away!
Thanks so much =)
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I was wondering if one of you could point me to the download or the name of the file that is downloaded for the avnav. I purchased an open box sc-65 from Best Buy, it didnt come with cd and I cant seem to find the software online.

I manually setup my AVR and noticed that certain functions work better if done through cd

thank you
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call Pioneer. it's not available for download per se, AFAIK. if you tell them which store you bought it from so they know it's an auth dealer & maybe they'll ask you for the serial number, too but I would think you can get them to mail you out a copy of the disc.
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awesome info!
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I had the same Japanese language problem when I downloaded the setup file to my C:\ drive and executed it from there. I then stayed logged in as myself and ran the same setup program directly from the CD and it installed correctly!
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