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Klipsch RSW-15 for sale?

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Hey all,

So I have one of the original Klipsch RSW-15 subs and it's awesome... not much else can bring a smile to face like this thing. Alas, it's too big for my apt and the neighbors constantly complain, so I rarely get to listen to it as it was meant to be heard. At this point I'm strongly considering selling it and downsizing to a 12 that fits my apt better. The problem is, because they have been discontinued, I can't get a good read on what I should be asking price wise. Just pulling an arbitrary number out of my ass, I was going to say $1000, but I have no idea of that's too much or too little.

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http://www.avsforum.com/t/1390563/klipsch-rw-12d-omnimic-frequency-response-graphs review by archaea of klipsch RW-12D

RW-12D List $999+ what some people would naively pay at some audio stores.
Cursory Internet search $599
Waiting for sale price at online retailers known to offer very good prices $299 (plus free shipping)
What someone would pay for a used RW-12D ???

Unfortunately, Klipsch has discontinued the RW-12D. Few retailers may carry it.
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I was waiting for newegg to have it in stock.. they finally had it in stock today but jacked up the price to $500 .. it was on sale for a while earlier for $299.
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If you still have this beast give me a call 784-309-6799 thanks
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I am very interested in your Sub woofer. Do you still have it for sale? I have the RSW-10 if you're looking to downgrade in size. My number is 480-202-1426
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