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Bedroom speakers location Help.

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Hi fellows, English is not my native language so please bear with me.
I'm going to be building a new house pretty soon and I have tons of questions. I'm hoping some of you will be kind enough to give me some help and ideas with my pre wiring. My builder is allowing me to do as much low voltage wiring as possible so I m going to be doing aditional cable tv,security tv wiring, speakers and so on. The house will be pre wire as per the builder included option but I will take it a step ahead with my own future proof wiring.
I want to start with wiring on my bedrooms. Should I wire for 4 corner located ceiling/wall speakers (red) and possible overkill? or just do with two centrally located ones (green). Each room will have its own dedicated a/v receiver. I also plan to install one centrally located speaker (black) as part of the ambiance/intercom system which will be independent of this setup. More on this single speaker wiring later.


P/s..How do I change my nick?.

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I'd pre-wire for 7 speakers IF this will be your main A/V room. Since the Left, Right, Center are going to be within a 60° wedge, I would just run wire from receiver to speakers. I'd maybe put the bed headrest a couple of feet from the wall and wire ±150° for the back surrounds and wire ±90° for the surrounds. You can wire to the two front corners of the room for Front Height speakers for a total of 9 speakers.

If a simple bedroom 5.1 setup is your intention then I would wire the back two just as you have them in your diagram at ±90° to ±110° and put L/R on stands or towers at ±30° and center above or below TV. Wire the center in-wall if you plan on wall-mounting the center above the TV on shelf or "L" brackets.
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Thanks for your prompt answer.The bedrooms (12x12) will have 5.1 setups and I want them to be as basic and functional as possible.
Question on the sub woofer, from the top view you can see the SW placed in front of the bed and resting on the floor and as a second option showing it on the left wall (sub woofers in yellow)...Regardless of the setup should I place them higher on a rack/shelf?, say mid wall or just leave them resting on the floor?
I'm guessing the one on front by the tv may have problems with the bed since its right on front of it, not so much the one located by the side wall. What do you think?.
I never knew SW could be placed on side walls, just goggled and indeed some guys do place them so.(But then I wonder if the SW is really necessary in this situation).


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I'd try different subwoofer placements and see what sounds best. Since you'll only be dealing with an RCA cable from LFE output to subwoofer, it is easy to tuck that small cable along or under the baseboard. The only issue would be a doorway where you would have to go underneath the carpet with it or place it under a stoop.
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