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3D Vision only working with pictures, not video

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I have the following setup:

Mitsubishi WD-60C10
Sony BDP-S480 Blu-Ray Player
Sony STR-DH720 AV Receiver
HTPC - Core i5 2500k with 8GB ram and GTX 570 SLI with PowerDVD 10 Ultra
All connected with High Speed HDMI cables from Monoprice

I currently have an Nvidia 3d Vision setup with their emitter and 2 sets of glasses. I have done the EDID hack with the infs to get 3D through the receiver without the driver complaining. I have a set of Mitsubishi glasses with their emitter coming today since my understanding is that that would be required to get 3D from the BDP-S480 (much easier to use than the HTPC for 3D/blu ray playback)

My problem is as follows, following the successful EDID hack (which was pretty exciting giving the previous frustrations I had had) I can only get a successful 3d image (syncing of screen and glasses) when looking at the demo 3d pictures provided by Nvidia. When I attempt to watch their 3d demo video or the Avengers on 3D Blu-Ray I am getting what I assume is a working left eye and a right eye that is all messed up. This was very repeatable for me and persisted through reboots, changes in depth, etc. The right eye appears to be flickering and jumping between the L and R 3D images.

Is this something that anyone has seen before? If so, is there a known solution or troubleshooting path?

Unrelated, but also something I need to figure out, is getting 3D playback working with the Sony Blu-Ray player - it seems to think that my TV and TV/Recevier are not 3D capable. Given the MUCH more limited interface compared to the HTPC, I did not know where to begin here.
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Figured this one out, had the screen res cropped due to overscan, once set back to regular 1080p60 it worked fine. Apparently when you resize the desktop (1786x1024 or something like that is what fit my screen) it forces you to 30Hz which caused issues.
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