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As the title says, I got the PX5 last night and it seems pretty nice. The only game I play is COD, MW3, Black Ops...and it's not like I play it all the time.

Am an average player if not pretty bad as my kd is always = some times a kill or 2 sucky lol. Tried the whole footstep thing on the headset and well got around 25/10 kd and stayed around a 2 to 1 ratio for a few games. This thing is good but when turning up the base, you do hear slight crackling and the audio goes out/lags at times.

The router is about 10ft away from the playstation and the RSS transmitter is like 3ft away from ps3. Now these headsets have been out for some time now and the new x-rays just came out (at least i think they did). The x-rays are 5.1 surround and the PX5 are 7.1 surround. The X-rays have dual band (i think this will help with audio loss)?

X-ray has padding and ear cuffs in leather where the px5 has nylon? Point is, I spent $200 on the PX5 and want to make sure those are the best for the price as i can get the x-ray for the same if not a bit less.

Any help/suggestions you guys can make would be really helpful.

I thank you in advance.