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Harman Kardon SB 16 vs Sony CT260 vs ?

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Hello this is my first thread in the forums! Been lurking here the past month but decided to get some advice.

I was doing some research on the sound systems and saw a deal for a used sb 16 system for around $350ish local but looking at its total wattage of power it seems it is only a total of 150w of sound power? While the CT260 which is about $250 brand new produces a total watt power of 300w, while I know we shouldn't just be looking at the watt itself does the harmon kardon that is value at $599 brand new outperform the ct260 which is at $250 brand new?

The harmon would seem a lot smaller than the sony ct260, it would seem the thing to put the ct260 against it would be the sb30 system which I couldn't find a deal for.

Let me know your opinions greatly appreciated!
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I have used both, and the Sony's advantage is that it has bluetooth built-in for music streaming and is also fairly small as well by comparison. The Harman Kardon bar and sub are the largest soundbar parts I've seen. Sound quality wise, there is no comparison. The Harman Kardon is a beast, and if you can get a good deal for it, awesome. The wattage argument can be debated forever. I will say that MORE POWER doesn't necessarily translate to BETTER SOUND. Also Harman Kardon likes to understate their power (or gives more of a true power output) on their audio equipment vs. Sony which overstates on most of their receivers, speaker systems, and soundbars.

The Harman would be ideal for that movie theater experience or as close as you can get with a soundbar.
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i wish i was able to demo the harman with a movie but with the store setups it doesn't seem like its possible to test it out with movie sound, the ct260 had pretty good sound when watching transformers
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