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Klipsch RF800B and RF600B ??

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Has anyone in ever figured out what these Future Shop (obviously discontinued) Klipsch speakers actually are? They still sell the discontinued RF-82, so the RF800B can't be that one... umm... right? They both seem to have the same feet - not the RF-82 II feet.

I wouldn't be surprised if Future Shop were attempting to get rid of the remainder of their RF-82s and just rebranded them to think people thought they were getting a new model on sale.
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Klipsch doesn't acknowledge their existence anywhere on their site, and futureshop seems to drop these quite often. I picked up and returned a RC 50B a few months ago from future show and it was identical to the rf 52 (not "II"). My only worry with these models would be the presence of cheaper materials, but more than likely they get these at a very low price from klipsch as clearout, and rebrand them to ensure that they cant be price matched.
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Thanks for the info. Certainly by the photos the RF-800B looks to be the RF-82. Its interesting that the RF-82s they had on sale for $499 per pair are sold out, then suddenly the RF800B appeared for the same price. By the review comments on their internet site, some people think these RF800Bs are newer than the RF-82 II. I guess Future Shop's "creative" marketing are paying off for them. I ended up buying the originally branded discontinued RF-82s on the BOGO sale last week to use as surrounds. I figured for $500, it can't be too bad. Hopefully they arrive in one piece... err.. two pieces I mean.
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I found this link in searches for what the RF800B is:


The poster asks Klipsch: Are RF800B's RF-82's or RF-82 II's? Or different then both of those?
to which Klipsch responds: It's a slight cosmetic difference from the RF-82 II, but acoustically just like it, sold exclusively in Canada.

Hope that helps
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Originally Posted by rnatty View Post

I found this link in searches for what the RF800B is:
The poster asks Klipsch: Are RF800B's RF-82's or RF-82 II's? Or different then both of those?
to which Klipsch responds: It's a slight cosmetic difference from the RF-82 II, but acoustically just like it, sold exclusively in Canada.
Hope that helps

That's good to know, rumour had it that the RF800B was a rebadged RF-82. Good to know it's actually the same as the RF-82ii.
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I think it would be a rebadged rf82... One of the changes from the rf82-ii was the bigger speaker core... And the 800 core is identical in size to the rf82 first iteration. So muost likely the old crossover is there too.

I must add that futureshop has obscure marketing and commercial practices. Their price strategy is bordeline legal, they boost the regular prices a couple of weeks ( sometime even a week) to make an artificial looking bigger deal . A high and low business model is pretty common, but since Futursehop change the regular price regurlarly, it gets confusing for the undiscerning customer.

So it wouldn't surprise me at all that they rebadged their older discontinued references because they are selling them at the same price as the rf 2nd generation, and that some customers felt that they were robbed. So Futureshop throws a handful of sand in their eyes with a new model number....

My advice: Don't buy anything from them. I did that mistake ago.
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Hard to follow, klipsch say it RF-82 II but someone proove that they are just RF-82 ? Who is right here ?
BTW thanks for providing information about that, hard to find any information on th web

For FS, they have a good offer right now for a 5.1 pack ... i just wonder if there are betters offers on speakers like that during boxing days ?

hum and there is a strange comment on FS say that RF800 is the new and is so much better that RF82 ... seriously rolleyes.gif
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For what its worth I worked for Futureshop on and off for the past five years and have had many hours of listening to the RF-82's and 62's as they were and are one of my favorite speakers. We were all a little confused when the 82's were replaced with the 800 and 600 models, and equally surprised at the lack of information available (internal product knowledge training is very hit and miss within the company). Fortunately we still had our floor model 82's when the 800's came in and were able to listen to them side-by-side (using a Pioneer SC-1227-K). I'm by no means an audiophile as others here, but have been into Home Theatre for over 15 years (not all with FS)...so I guess I've heard a lot of products. I've always thought the 82's were more of a warm sounding speaker, with modest bass output for not having a separate built-in powered sub. The newer 800's had significantly more bass output and seemed a little brighter compared to the 82's. The 82's mid range seemed to shine more, especially when playing music (blues, acoustic, orchestral). I personally felt like the 800's would be a better fit for a movie theatre setup, where the 82's might be better for someone watching more blu-ray or dvd concerts. This is just my humble opinion, but I thought I might add some perspective since I was able to hear them side-by-side. As for re-branding and all that stuff, I haven't heard of anything like that happening, nor would I understand the benefit to FS for doing that. The company has so many other things/problems that it would spend its effort and time on before using resources to make such a minor change to one product that doesn't account for very much volume at your average store...but who knows? lol. Hope this helps....
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I've received a mail from klipsh which indicate the rf800b are Rf82 ... confusing ...
i've just ask for explanation about the facebook page and they change their status:

On the other side, the medium recession is noticed by others on RF-82 II ... My guess would be that esthetic of RF800 is RF82 but sound may vary cause if they have stopped production of RF82 since 2 years they may not be able to get all the RF82 original pieces or just the rf800 hasn't finished its break-in period
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ah, voilà! Futureshop marketing gimmick as always... They surely bought all the discontinued rf82 Klipsch had to get a low price....And they sell them at the same price than rf82ii , nice profit margin... And like I've said before, some customers were fully aware getting robbed with an old product at the new product price.... So Futureshop came up with the soooo brilliant idea of tagging them with a new name...

It's part of their business model... They get "exclusive" models which are just a futureshop renamed model... They do that with Pioneer, Yamaha, you name it... My first receiver was a pioneer vsx-925k, which was just an american 920k ... Didn't notice it at that time, but I'm pretty sure I got tricked by paying a price i could have paid for a more recent model...

Again, like I've said before, never buy anything from Futureshop... And do not boycott them by shopping at best buy, it's the same f***g pocket.
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I think the rf82 are Still Good speaker ... So if the price is Good it s not really a big deal .. Just bad to don t have the real model name
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Bgnt , yes it is a good speaker, I agree on that... But the rf82ii is a better one, so ... The fact alone that they make you pay the same price is a fu**** hoax to me. You can't sell a long discontinued item at regular price, it's just commercial malpratice hehe
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I emailed Kllipsch and the response I got is Future Shop is not selling older product nor older models. Its specifically made for Future shop. Here is where it gets murky. Klipsch says its "acoustically similar" to the older VI reference series and that there are "slight cosmetic" differences.

What that says to me is cheaper parts and cabinets to satisfy the big box. Unfortunately neither company will get further into it so all we can do is assume. To me this means not buying the product. Any company that deceives and plays such games should be avoided. And I am a Klipsch fan, love their stuff actually, but I cannot support their current misleading/omission style marketing. Canada is getting like the knock off malls in China. It doesn't really matter how much you spend - you never know what you are getting.
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audioduck: Don't be fooled. They are exactly reference line, generation one. Futureshop ( bestbuy) mass-buys all the remainder of discontinued but still succesful inventory from renowned companies...And label them as different "futureshop exclusive" speakers to shut the trap of customers unwilling to buy long discontinued merchandise.

And sell them at the price of the current gen. They do so, because excepted the online store competition, they are usually the only ones selling them in brick and mortar stores. Since far from every one is ready buying such big items online, they have success with that obscure recipe.

PS: I particularly don't like the way they trat customers, is it that obvious? wink.gif
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Funny, seems like futureshop found an old reference rf82 batch... They are pushing the insult to selling the rf800b 100$ more! Ahah they'll never stop to amaze me!
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Hi all, sorry to revive an old thread, but regarding the differences between the 800 and the 82, according to specs on FS's website, the 800's are physically bigger, about 5 inches taller, etc.

Has anyone seen both in person?

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Yes, but didn't care much about comparing them in detail as I was buying other speakers... But they looked totally the same at a quick glance.
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