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Pioneer vsx-521K Video cutting out.

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My setup is:
TV: Samsung UN55D8000 (series 8 55")
Receiver: Pioneer VSX-521
Apple TV
Motorola HD-PVR
Samsung Blu-ray player: BD-E5900

I just got the blu-ray player at black friday. Tried to hook it up to my system via HDMI. It will work fine for a few minutes but then the video will cut out. The Audio will remain. I have changed input on the receiver and it still does it. I have swapped out HDMI cables with known good cables. I hooked the Blu-Ray player right to the TV and it worked just fine. I am baffled as to why the video isn't working.

The receiver is about a year old and I have had problems with the cable box going in and the video getting mucked up, but you change inputs and it corrects itself. It hasn't done that in a while. I am starting to think I got a bum receiver.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.
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I'm having almost an identical issue. This is my setup:

TV: Samsung UN50EH6000 (lower version: not 3D, not smart TV. Otherwise quite similar)
Receiver: Pioneer VSX-521-K
Apple TV
Motorola HD-PVR
Samsung Blu-ray player: BD-E5700 (lower version)

I have each of the three components hooked into the receiver with HDMI, and the video is output to the TV from the single "HDMI output" from the receiver to one of the HDMI inputs on the TV.

My apple TV and my Motorola cable box both work fine. I have had this receiver for almost a year, and I have never had any issues with these two components.

The Samsung Blu-ray player is new. It works fine when playing Blu-ray disks. However, I have noticed that when I am simply playing DVD's, the video cuts out after several minutes (usually less than 10 minutes), but I can still hear the audio. I even tried changing the video output setting on my Blu-ray player to a constant 1080p (Instead of auto) , but no luck. The video still cuts out after it plays for a little bit.

The Blu-ray player plays dvds perfectly when the video is hooked directly into the TV, but there is not a digital audio output to get quality audio to my receiver.

This issue sounds identical to the above post. Any advice, either from the above poster or from a new reader?

Thanks in advance
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Shouldn't it happen that immediately after posting a question, you figure out the solution? Well, I may have discovered what is causing my problem. I was looking at settings of the Blu-ray player, and I came across a setting for " deep color". I had seen other references to this deep color of other web pages, and it seemed like it occasionally caused issues with playback on TV. Given that, I changed the setting from " auto" to " off". Voila! I watched a whole DVD last night without experiencing any loss of picture. As I mentioned above, the picture had been coming out within a matter of minutes pretty regularly.

I plan to do a little more experimenting to make sure that this was the issue. I'll pop back in another DVD and confirmed that the picture still does not cut out. Then I will turn the deep colors setting back on auto and see if the problem returns. If you see no more posts from me, you can assume that my problem has not returned!
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