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Best Value for for Home Theater Projector less than $100

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I want to purchase a projector around 1k. It will be used exclusively at night, with no light in the room, to watch 720p and 1080p movies from my computer. The screen would probably be between 100 and 130, but I don't have any requirement about it. I have some freedom to mount the projector so lens shift is not absolutely required either (although it surely comes in handy).

I hesitate betwee
Viewsonic Pro8200 for $700
Epson 8350 R for $900
Epson 8500B used with new lamp for $900

Could someone help meto choose the best projector for my goal? Thank you so much
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Think you left off a zero in your thread title.
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Suggestion is to read the 3 forum rooms of the PJ's you are thinking of getting, the last 3 or 4 months of posts, you want to see how people like the PJ and if any problems with PJ. Read amazon reviews good and bad on the 3 PJ's. Maybe also the pro reviews, like projectorreviews.com.
I mean look to see if people are happy with the PJ, are a number saying they had to return it a number of times. Iris problems, convergence problems, short bulb life, dust blobs, etc. It could be a good PJ, but if a number of people say they have the exact same problems, all you can say is as long as you don't get one of the problems, you are good to go. And if you do get one of those problems after warranty, you are screwed. All 3 are good PJ's.
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there are no real $100 projectors, unless you buy used.

this is for everyone looking for $100 projector.
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His first sentence says he is looking for 1K PJ. smile.gif
Yeah, hopefully he will check back and change it to 1,000 dollars.

I did buy a 100 dollar PJ a while ago, 2 in fact, returned them, one was a hp companion portable , I think it was 100 lumens, tiny little thing, they were clearancing them out. The other one was some gaming PJ I got from target that was also clearance, it was low resolution crap. I can't remember , maybe 40 lumens. biggrin.gif

Then I got a real PJ. smile.gif
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If he was looking for 100$ projector, he should not bother to ask.
for 1000$, so far Benq W1070 is getting excellent reviews. Also acer H6500 and viewsonic 8200
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The pro8200 would be pretty bright for a home theater, though you can reduce the output. It's a great projector on a budget.

I would add the HC4000 to the list. I don't know if you can find it below $1000, though it should come up on sales during the Christmas season.
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I would also had the Optoma HD23 to the list.

It's also very bright, though.
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