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Best 'Pseudo-Surround' in a POWERED Soundbar (under $500)?

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This is for a bedroom, albeit w/a new 50" plasma. I don't want to buy an AV receiver, though I would consider an affordable HTIB-type receiver/blu-ray 'head unit', either separately or bundled w/a soundbar, as I need a streaming blu-ray, too. But i have a feeling the soundbars packaged like that will be as 'cheap' as the speaker-sets seem to be.

The ZVOX seems great, but the reviews I've read are that they don't really try to create a pseudo-surround sound, but rather just a nice stereo sound....basically a higher-quality version of the built in speakers on the panel. I'd like something that has a decent surround effect. And I'd like my TV or Dish Hopper remote to control volume, but that's not a deal breaker (might get a cheap Harmony).

Any & all suggestions appreciated...thanks!
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Best simulated surround that I have head so far in your price range is the new Panasonic HTB20 (less than $200).

Projects an image far to the right and left of the speaker (can also be used in dual tower configuration for even more seperation). Good depth. I have not heard sound from behind me with any soundbar (I have owned five and setup probably 20-30 for friends and family).
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