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After seeing the movie...

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How many people can ONE psycho possibly kill without being caught biggrin.gif?! This movie must have the world record bodycount! The man killed 500 people! He's got bodies and parts of 'em in every nook and kranny of his hideout biggrin.gif! Like, nobody, not even a guy walking his dog, was able to smell something?

There will obviously be another sequel. At the end, the protagonist catches up to a man he suspects is the killer. He says theres 13 registered entomologists in the area, and he was "number 12". So they could reason that he was the wrong guy, and number 13 was the killer. So get ready for another bloodbath biggrin.gif.

I dont get it though. The first movie in '09 barely broke even, and probably lost money when marketing is factored in. So they make the sequel anyway, on a HIGHER budget, and it will surely lose money again biggrin.gif! And MORE of it! This studio trying to make Lions Gate go bankrupt biggrin.gif?!

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