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The chairs got delivered today. All 8 of them.
Look amazing, very comfortable and fit perfectly in the room.
Now that I have the house keys, I figure to hit 2 birds with one stone - 1) get that 4m box out of my hallway, and 2) see just how big that screen really is...

So, I carted the bits around and set up the SeymourAV screen.

I have a couple of pics, nothing fancy, but I LOVE the screen.

It was very easy to assemble and is only a 1 person job (although mounting will be 2) so kudos to Chris for making such an easy screen. Nothing like the frustrating time I would have had with some other screen designs.

Anyway, just having a quick nap on the lounge to test the recliner and then back off home again.
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OK. photos.

Here is the constructed house.. yay

Still a lot of concrete and flooring to go in, but thats our problem now, not the builders.
those first two windows next to the garage, thats the HT room.

Nothing special really.

I must stress that I have just put the couches and screen in the room to get an idea of space and positioning and to measure up for the stage and riser platform, this is not how the room is going to look at all. Especially the windows - they are going to be drywalled over.

Here is the screen, as captured from the front row seating position. it's resting on the floor now, but it will sit approx 300mm from ceiling once mounted.
That wall has actual dimensions of 4,300mm x 2690mm after drywall, so you can picture the screen size - there is only about 300mm on each side of the screen. I do love the SeymourAV screen though. One thing you can notice is that the wall is an off white, the ceiling is supposed to be white, and the screen appears to be whiter than the ceiling, so that is good, as the roller blind i tested the projector on was darker than the wall, so I should get much better picture from the screen biggrin.gif

Here are the chairs - look nice (i think) and are exceedingly comfortable, and cost effective.

There is about 350mm on each side for access to the rear row, which is less than ideal, but in my personal opinion, a better compromise than going with a 3 seat front row.

Lastly the view forward from the rear row. This will be raised approx 350mm on the riser platform. I am working on plans for the contractor as we speak.

In other news, I went to the local Bunnings today for some supplies - chose my paint colours.
Flat Black for the ceiling.
Phantom Mist for the walls.

Should look pretty good, especially broken up with whatever colour material for the acoustic panels I choose.
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Started painting today. First coat of Matt black on the ceiling. Used way more paint than expected but all good. Darkens room greatly even in sunlight!
Second coat tomorrow then phantom mist on the walls.
Will post pics as progress increases
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Amazing how that black paint sucks the light out of any room. How is the progress going? Looking forward to more pictures soon.. .
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Ceiling looks very... Black... And walls need one more coat (today) then done.
It's very bizarre how the dark surfaces suck the light out, there are no curtains in the room, but even in the middle of the day it feels like night time. Does my eyes in!
Got a couple of quotes for riser and stage, both over $4000 - eek! So I am buying some power tools and doing that myself.
I was hoping to have the theatre running by Aus F1GP time, but that's an impossible goal ATM given how difficult our contractors are being at the moment... More specifically our tilers... Can't carpet anything until they are done, and 2 weeks after handover and we still don't have any confidence on when they will start.
At least I have the audio equipment still running in our old house.
I watched 'possession' last night with friends - never ceases to amaze me how much scarier a horror movie can be with a decent surround system at high volume. Literally hair-raising!
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Hey mate. The riser and stage are dead simple. 4k is obscene. Check out my thread and you will see how simple a basic stage is. As long as your riser is pretty square you can easily build both for about one tenth the cost in a weekend. My stage holds 400 odd kilos of subs and it was a piece of cake. Just oversize your timber supports and you'll be fine. I used 250x50 from memory. Weighs a ton!
Good luck!

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Update time!

I am waiting on some samples from RIM for the Trilogy1 fabric to decide what colour I want.

The Tontine Acoustisorb3 rockwool I ordered arrived too - so I am ready to build some acoustic panels once the room is ready.
I ordered a head of 50mm for the walls, and some 100mm for the bass traps in the corners. have enough to cover approx 70% of all wall space if needed - but I doubt that will be necessary.

I decided on building my own riser and stage, and the timber for all of this is being delivered tomorrow, and here in Adelaide we have a public holiday on Monday, so I have a 3 day weekend to build as quickly as possible smile.gif I'm hoping to get the framing done then I can dedicate next weekend to particle boarding.

Tilers are also coming to start on Saturday, which means that all things going well, provided I get the stage and riser finished, I should be able to look at carpeting from 18th onwards - then it just comes down to setting up the equipment smile.gif

As mentioned previously the room has been painted now - the ceiling is Taubmans flat black, and the walls are Taubmans Phantom Mist. Looks average in the photo's, is much richer in person. Secondly, the room is filling with heaps of natural light in these pics - once windows are blocked off, this paint sucks all the light out of the room. The wall paint is a very deep chocolate colour... mmmm chocolate.

Also - the room looks quite small due to wide angle zoom and dark colours.. that front wall is actually 4.3m wide.

Now I am terrible with CAD - in fact this is my first attempt and I just guessed my way through - but this is my designs for the stage and riser.
I have designed to be built in 2 pieces and screwed together once in the room.

Once I have shortlisted fabric choices, I will post up for suggestions smile.gif
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Oh and in terms of timber - I ended up using mostly 300x45 and then some 140x45 for steps etc. will deck it with 22mm particle board and will have a nice riser level. including buying tools (drill, circular saw, jigsaw, caulking gun, etc), timber and consumables (silicone, screws, liquid nails, etc) it has so far cost me $1900 all up. Not bad against the $4000 quote!
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So I got started on the riser today.

Now let me preface by saying I am not a fit and healthy man. A life of luxury has taken its toll on my physique and as a result, I am very sore right now.

Anyway - considering last week I didnt even own a power tool, I think I did pretty well... got up early, at the house at 7:30AM and got my workspace ready...
In the background you can see my acoustisorb3 sheets ready to be made into panels.

Started off easily by cutting some of the larger timber lengths ready for the back side of my riser, and the longer sides with the steps incorporated.

Started putting some bits together.

more bits

Got too lazy to take many more photos and ended up with this:

It's half the riser, as per the plans. I will build an identical one hopefully tomorrow, and then move them into the HT room and screw them together.

It was a very cramped workspace as we have both the tilers in to lay the tiles throughout the home, and also the plumbers in doing storm-water... which nearly wasn't needed as they hit the gas line with the digger... oops!

I used the Ryobi One+ 18v tool range, and surprisingly I was stunned at how well they performed. The 18v drill is a killer and easily outdrilled the 10 and 12v drills that my cousin brought with him to assist - the 2.4ah lithium batteries never let me down and charged quickly, meaning I was never waiting for a battery. The 18v circular saw made nice work of the 45mm x300mm LVLs that I used. All in all, pretty happy for what they cost me.

Anyway - more updates as progress occurs - hopefully soon. It became very apparent that i will need to finish the riser BEFORE tuesday as thats when the tilers come back, and once they come back I wont be able to move the riser into the house as its simply too damn heavy and needs to be dragged along the floor... it weighs at least 200kg and thats only half of the frame!!! It will definitely be sound enough to support the chairs and people on them.. i'm more worried about the house foundation supporting the riser!!! LOL
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it probably didnt help that the temp was varying between raining lightly, and the 35 degrees all day (95 for those in the better part of the world), and I couldnt use the A/C in the garage as it would blow dust all over where the tilers were working. I reckon I sweated about 4L of fluids today at least!
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Ok - day 2.
I decided to move the first half of the riser into place.. our doorways are about 2.4 high and the riser end up was about 2.38 therefore it was always going to be a tight squeeze....

When we got it to the theatre room, the double doors meant there was an extra bit of trimming on the door frame, and the riser wouldnt fit by about 10mm. So we had to lean it over and slide it through... very stressful when it is heavy enough to smash through the entire wall if I dropped it.

Anyway - got it in the room, and the started work on the other half. few hours later and viola!
(excuse crappy iphone pic).

As usual - I will be covering the windows, so dont worry - that pesky light will be gone.

It was a quicker build this time around - but it was really bizarre - I measured the room about 6 times, then cut the timber as accurately as possible to ensure i left a 15mm gap each side, yet when it came time to put the second half in they were TIGHT, seriously. 3 adults could not push it into place and had to use a 2400mm bit of timber to bang it back. Anyway - it's such a snug fit, and the 2 halves are glued and screwed, so there will be no removal of the theatre... ever!

I'm going to try and get started on the stage tomorrow - I want to get the framing done so I can spend next weekend putting the flooring on top of both, ready for carpet.

Anyway - I'm very glad I did this myself instead of paying someone $4000 to do it.

In case anyone is wondering - the yellow timber is all 300x45 LVL - very heavy, moreso than pine. I used liquid nails to make every join, followed by 75mm decking screws x4 on each join. This thing is SOLID.
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When it comes to insulation to drop in the riser and stage - im thinking rockwool isnt the most cost effective choice, but I am worried about the itchies from glasswool, especially as I will need to cut it to size. Any suggestions??
Also - does the insulation need to completely fill the void, or is say 50-70% OK? i.e 250mm batts in a 300mm space?
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Whatever the cheapest fluffy insulation you can buy.....I like polyester, but its not as cheap as fibreglass

I cant remember if I asked - are you making plugs for the windows? if not I'd look into a more effective block-out blind (or perhaps put some small strips of timber (paint it) on the edge for the blind to sit more flush to

Another option is to make some shutters (either covered in fabric) or not, these can either slide or open on hinges, just an idea
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I'm planning on MDF over the windows, and then acoustisorb over the top to make it into an absorber. Removable in case I need to have light/air in the room.
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Well, got the main part of the stage frame up and running - still need to make the step, but it was enough for me to get the uprights in place and trial mount the screen.... excellent!!!

Anyway - empty front of room.

first half of the stage:

Second Half:

The big moment!!!

The 140" SeymourAV curved screen filled the front of the room nicely and there is about 300mm clearance each side to the wall, so lucky I did not go any bigger!

Aiming to get stage and riser completely finished over the weekend because next week is a busy one - electrician coming Tuesday, projector gets hung on Wednesday, carpet coming on the following Monday... then I might be able to drop some speakers in this room and watch a movie.

To mount the screen I simply used 2x 90x90mm upright pine posts and then at the top between them a piece of 120x45 to which the screen bracket attaches. Its solid, easy and quick. Although my cordless drill did not enjoy forcing 150mm screws through the 90x90 posts and into the 140x45 - even pre-drilled they still overheated the cordless.

Not sure how much actual work I will get done this weekend given that we have the Adelaide Oz Comicon with William Shatner and Richard Dean Anderson in town, then followed by the Australian F1 GP on Sunday....
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to avoid being Logan'd - More Pics!

Working on my own today, started the step on the stage;

So the stage is now ready to be filled with mineral-wool and then decked - I have 22mm red-tounge particle board tounge and groove boards to go on the stage and riser.

Speaking of the riser - I added the vanity boards to that too. bit wobbly, but they will be hidden by carpet and couches, so who cares?!

I am starting to get used to this working with my hands thing.

Hoping to get the fluffy stuff in tomorrow and start flooring the riser - ready for the projector install on Wednesday. Stage can be a bit slower.
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PS - cutting a piece of 6mm MDF into smaller pieces with a jigsaw sucks. I swapped to the cordless circular and it was dead easy.. FYI for next time smile.gif
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Saturday I got down and dirty and filled the riser with insulation batts.

I used Knauff Earthwool R3.0 batts which were quite easy to work with and even though I was wearing shorts and T-Shirt, didnt leave me with a case of the itchies. (I wore a mask of course).
It was easy to cut, and in some cases where I needed just a little to fill a gap, it was easy to rip apart by hand. The 3.0 was supposed to be 145mm deep, which meant 2 layers should have just about filled the 300mm cavities I had in the riser, however in reality they were closer to 120mm deep and so they don't quite fill to the top. is this likely to be a problem?

Once the stage was filled with fluffy, I just chucked a couple of my T&G particle board pieces on top so I could stand and get an idea of the seating height - put a couple of the chairs on the floor and on the riser and was surprised with the results.

Screen to eyeballs for the first row is just over 3m (9ft) and the second row is just under 1.9m behind this.
The 320mm riser height is perfect for seated rear row guests, however if the person in the back fully reclines (lying down), and the person in the front doesnt, then this creates issues - a rare circumstance.

Anyway - hope to finish the riser and stage this week, ready for carpet on Monday.

Electrician should be in tomorrow installing the wall and downlights. It's all coming together nicely.
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Photo time - Ive been sitting on some of these since last week - but Wednesday night 10:30 I got finished the woodwork.

Flooring done on the riser. Solid as a rock, you jump on the riser and it sounds more solid than jumping on the slab. Carpet will only reinforce this.

Projector hung.
The X95R is HUGE... it is one large and heavy box of a projector, and add to this the bulk of the lens and plate, it quickly becomes a heavy and difficult endeavour to get it onto the mounting plate.
The Chief RPA mount that comes with the M480SYS kit is fairly simple to use - so in almost no-time we were up and running and displaying a test pattern on the screen.

It was quickly time to take down again though as the sparky still needs to pop the power point up there and I dont want gyprock dust getting in the innards.

Finally got around to boarding up the windows. 16mm MDF sealed all around with silicone. Should do the trick nicely.

Next was to turn my attention to the stage. Screen taken down - read to fill and floor.

It looks quote cosy on that stage - so I joke that if movies get boring, I can hold weddings on the altar, LOL.

Put about 300 screws in the stage and riser (just for flooring) and about 10 tubes of liquid nails (I wish I knew I would use this much and I would have bought a 20 box before I started and saved about $100 bucks, lol). and managed to kill about 3 phillips head drivers - will definitely use square drive for all next time, not just the 75mm timber screws.

Anyway - electricians are dragging the heels a bit and got half the house lights done, but have not touched the HT room yet - so hopefully that will be Monday.
Also - carpet goes in on Monday, so once that is done I will be moving the AV gear into this room and begin testing. I unplugged and starting packing up the AV gear in the existing house yesterday frown.gif very sad.

I have to do some painting today and tomorrow on the stage and those window boards - but other than that, we are on the home stretch.

Also - I ordered about 30m of that RIM Trilogy 1 fabric as suggested by Ellil (thanks) in Cherry colour - so once those panels are up on the walls it will break the dark colours up and make it feel a bit warmer in there.

I have quite a bit of Earthwool left over from filling the stage and riser - about 7 or 8 R3.0 batts - so if anyone is in Adelaide, SA and wants this - let me know and it's yours.
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Subbed...it is really taking shape.

Nice looking house from the front...little will anyone know the monster theatre system that lies beneath wink.gif

We are building in Victoria...well, we should start building in the next few weeks. We have had similar issues with our builder not understanding our theatre room requirements. They didn't even know what a soffit was...which is a worry, but I guess they build stock-standard houses one after the other.

I'm looking at a similar setup, but with a lower budget. Looking at getting the X35 projector and at the moment I'm leaning towards the Da-Lite 133" High Power screen. I won't be using an A-lens.

I was looking at the Krix speakers, but I'm now fairly keen on Ascension speakers (adelaidespeakers.com.au). Being from Adelaide, did you check out those? I won't have the luxury of listening to them before I buy, but I've heard lots of good things about them.
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I didn't see any ascensions - in fact I didn't demo a whole lot of speakers - some B&Ws and the Krix's - I loved the Krix and the fact that they supply the speakers that run pretty much every decent cinema in the country, I figured they knew how to make speakers. It wasn't a very scientific process.

All the gear is in the house waiting to be set up now, just waiting for carpet tomorrow.

Getting just a little excited smile.gif
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Wouldn't mind these (Krix) but might need a slightly bigger room (and budget)


2.7m high
5600w power handling
4x15in woofers
3 horns

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Originally Posted by MikeyD360 View Post

I loved the Krix and the fact that they supply the speakers that run pretty much every decent cinema in the country, I figured they knew how to make speakers. It wasn't a very scientific process.

You can't go wrong with the ones you have chosen. I'm betting they will be great for music too with the number of drivers on the floor standers. I think I remember you mentioning getting a Marantz receiver too so it should be a good combo.
Originally Posted by MikeyD360 View Post

Wouldn't mind these (Krix) but might need a slightly bigger room (and budget)


2.7m high
5600w power handling
4x15in woofers
3 horns


hah, they look like they could do physical harm if you stood in front of them!

Our house is at least 6 months away...I've chosen most of the gear in my head, but I'm trying to hold myself back from buying any beforehand.
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Yeah - if I had waited I probably would have liked a Marantz 8801 over the 7005 I have - but if I wait around 2 years for my wallet to recover then I can upgrade the tuner/BluRay player & projector to whatever UHD goodies are available. Waiting to pull the trigger on a projector was the best thing I did.
What else are you planning?
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I love what you've done with the space so far! I might just have to steal your front stage plans for my future space wink.gif
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So - I need to treat the front wall behind the screen.

I have some acoustisorb3 that I was planning to put across the whole front wall - but what is the best way to apply this?
It's rockwool insulation, so it holds its shape well - can I just glue it to the wall? The other option is long nails. Unsure.

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Hi Mike,

I used insulation stick pins ...


Very happy with how they worked.

Should be available from local insulation / HVAC companies.

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Well, after many phonecalls I couldnt find anywhere that even sounded like they knew what an insulation hanger was (or stick on pin, insulation pin, etc) let alone had any available.

I think I might just buy a heap of nails and put them on a slight upward angle on the wall and just whack the acoustisorb on top.

In the meantime, all the lights are done in the HT room, so I have to patch a couple of holes and a bit of extra paint and we may be in business.

Unfortunately the carpeters did not get the job done and cant come back until after easter - so there goes any hope of watching any movies this weekend - no point setting up the amps and speakers just to have to move them again.
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Hi Mike,

I can pick up some from my local guy and send to you if you like ?

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