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First Movie

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So you put together your home theatre and then it was time to crank it up.

What was the first movie you relaxed and watched?


Beautiful thoughtful movie.

As a second feature to really try out the sound system Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES.

Great Opening Night!
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I remember the days. The video, the audio, the room!

Don't forget the chair - finally the reason you did it. The Film

Have Fun!
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The chairs we're still looking at. My wife wants something in antique style. She's looking at Queen Anne loungers. $300 a piece. We went from a $1100 projector (3010 was out of stock and probably discontinued) to close to $3500 when all will be said and done.

I have about 400 - 500 DVDs, and I plan on watching most of them large screen next year. biggrin.gif

When I was a kid I spent my life at the movies. I'd see everything. When I was 15 they let me into R rated pictures with no adult. I'd also watch the double features twice in a row. I saw Taxi Driver everyday for over a week. Nowadays with the inconsiderate people all around, it's not worth the trouble to go to the movies. So, I can't be happier to have this projector. I literally felt like I was at the theatre while watching "Seeking A Friend".
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