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Does anyone have any experience using these as true universal touch remotes? I do have a Samsung 7150 LED that I'd use it with but I don't even know if they'd directly support this TV anyway as it's one of the 2012 models. I'm looking to control my Onkyo AVR which basically everything runs through and I also have the FiOS DVR, Xbox 360 and PS3 that I'll be looking to control with it as well. Any info would be appreciated as I really like the look of the 2010 version of the remote or even the full touch 2011 versus going for something like a Harmony 900 or jumping up to a tablet style like the 1100.

I am currently using a Harmony 520 and also have a Marantz RC9200 that I have no desire to reprogram for all the new equipment I've added since the last time I used it...