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Done my research, but could you verify this gear is what I need?

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So I'm getting a Panasonic 50 or 55" ST50 very soon and plan to either have a stand alone BluRay player or a PS3 for gaming and BluRay needs. (Girlfriend has the PS3 now so we need to shuffle things around, etc) and WiFi for Netflix via the TV, etc.

What I need to fill the gap is with DVR for Charter Digital Cable TV. I don't mind getting an mCableCard, in fact I want all the channels and not to worry about encryption now or later, etc. However, I really don't want to fork over the monthly fee (another!) for a TiVo DVR and I'm not terribly happy with Charter's DVR, especially if needing to add more space or what not.

I think this gear all fits together and I don't need anything extra, but if you could check over it that would be great! I want as CHEAP as possible since I just need HD DVR features and live TV. (It would be NICE to have 3D BluRay support (ripped content) to future proof but if that adds a huge extra amount then that's not needed)

Jetway HBJC700C9J-H61-B Intel Socket LGA1155 Intel H61 Black Mini / Booksize Barebone System

Intel Core i3-3220T Dual-Core Processor 2.8 Ghz 3MB Cache LGA 1155

SAMSUNG Spinpoint M8 ST1000LM024 1TB 5400 RPM 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s


Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB: Quad-tuner external device for Watching Digital Cable TV on the PC, USB 2.0 Interface 5102-DCT04EX-USB

Would that kit be all I need for HD DVR functions? Would it be fast enough for 3D 1080p mkv's etc for the future? I'm a little concerned about the Jetway, the HDMI port doesn't say audio with it, is that just something in the standard that if you connect to a TV via HDMI it'll route the audio over it? Can you get cheaper then $563? (that package before tax)

I know I'll need to still put Windows on it but other then that, am I missing anything? Can Window's 8 go on there, or does everyone recommend staying with Windows 7 for the Windows Media Center? Do I need any extra software for DVR or live TV functions then Windows Media Center?


Edit: Also, if this does work, could I toss it in my equipment room and use a 4Gig Xbox 360 as an extender and get near same quality video for live TV and recorded TV? Does extending to the Xbox reencode from the media center or stream bit for bit? Can you schedule recordings from the Xbox? I'm starting to think I don't want a humming box with a hard drive in the same room and I have battery backup and cable drop next to all my networking equipment anyway, just need to know if I can schedule recordings from Xbox and if there isn't a quality hit when watching live TV, etc.
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Anyone? :-/
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looks good to me.
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You want an i3 3225 for the HD 4000 graphics.
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Nah there is no difference in video playback of 1080p only in game graphics does it matter.
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Originally Posted by Tiddles88 View Post

You want an i3 3225 for the HD 4000 graphics.

Ya, I wouldn't mind having the HD 4000 graphics but I need a 35W TDP chip and I don't know if any 3rd gen i3s are on the market yet with 35w and HD 4000...
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In fact this is about the only one I can find...

That's over $100 more and would bring the total with tax probably to over $700.

Does the HD4000 also speed up things like MadVR? Can things like MadVR be used to improve live standard def channels to look better on a 1080p screen? Or just upscale like .mkv or DVD rips and stuff? Live and recorded content is going to be 90% of this boxes use and I don't want a lot of encoding required. I want this to act as close as a TiVo style DVR as I can, then quality within cost reason...
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You could always add video card which would work better if you found you needed the graphics performance.
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