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best 2D 1080p projector in the $1000 range ?

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Since it's difficult & expensive to get 3D, I'm sticking w/ a 2D projector for now. Since I've been replacing projectors every few years (the tech doesn't seem to last), I don't want to spend too much. also, since I use it for hours a day, I go through bulbs quickly. So, bulb life is important to me. I like the Epson service, but their quality control doesn't seem good & I want a projector to last (& it's bulb).

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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It is neither difficult nor expensive to get into 3D. The Optoma HD33 for example is a well-received 2D/3D projector that currently goes for around 1,300 bucks (sometimes even with two 3D glasses included).

Are you sure you don't want to look into that?
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You can get an 8350 for about 1k and get an 8700UB for 1400.
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Benq W1070 has 3D
Acer H6500
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Probably the HC4000, though I've never seen one.

Epson 8350

Those are pretty much the 1080p projectors around $1 or less.

Which one is best depends on how it will be used IMO. Darkened theater for movies. Difficult placement. Home entertainment/Used as a TV. Gaming/lag. Portability. Price.

Depending on how you rate those in importance will change which projector is the best one.
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Based on bulb life, the pro8200 is rated at 6000 hours and the 6500 is rated at 6500. Whether you get that many hours as the bulbs dim depends on your installation.

I have the pro8200 and it's plenty bright. It uses DC3, while the 6500 still uses DC2. The difference might be in RBE. The pro8200 seems to have fairly low RBE.
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wow, thanks for all the responses. right now I have a Mits HD1000 720p DLP. no RBE for me nor the wife. the color wheel noise is starting to get outa hand. Ordered a new epson 3020 during amazon's sale last week (a bit out of my budget), but it's on back order.

So, I guess, my main question is will a 2D only projector (most of them older tech & older models) give me better 2D results than the 3D Epson 3020 for less (or similar) $? If so, I may just cancel it & go w/ a cheaper (& perhaps higher quality?) 2D since I don't really want to invest in a new blu-ray, along with having to run new hdmi through the wall. unless high quality monoprice Tin-Plated Copper 22AWG 1.3 HDMI will work for 3D. then once I do all that, the discs are expensive to rent (& difficult to find) or purchase. then even if I do, no way to easily back it up or store it on a network. not to mention 90% or more of what I watch is recorded off TV anyway.
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I was looking @ the Epson 8350 & the 8700 refurbished, but the bulb & quality control issues have me pretty worried that they wont last much past their warranty. The new Optima HD23 looks interesting. Also looks to have a DC3 chip.
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I hadn't paid any attention to the Optoma HD23 but it sure has a lot of features-- more than the pro8200. It's brighter (if that's needed), the bulb life is only rated at 4,000 in std mode, but that's the same as the pro8200.
It has lower vertical offset, so mounting it in a low ceiling room should be easier.
It does 24p, which the pro8200 won't and the CMS is more full featured-- it has a separate bias/gain control.
It has a higher rated contrast ratio. The pro8200 has a longer warranty.

It is more expensive than the pro8200, closer to the HC4000, but it might be worth the extra money.
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Is the HD23 the replacement for the HD20?
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"Is the HD23 the replacement for the HD20?"

I don't know, but it looks like it's positioned between the HD20 and HD33. I suspect the HD20 continue to be offered as a budget 1080p, with the HD23 the more full featured.

I did read a thread where the RBE of this projector has been noted. That was one of Coderguy's complaints with the HC4000 when he owned one of those.
The HD23 is very bright, but using an theater mode and calibration would probably lower the brightness to bring RBE under control.

Even though the pro8200 is very bright, I seldom notice RBE. Part of it is the 7 segment color wheel, which operates as a 4x color wheel. The HD23, and HC4000 use a 6 segment color wheel at 3x.
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Ring, I am in the exact same spot as you. I currently have a Mits HD1000u. The 2nd bulb is now at its life end(reset to prolong a little bit) and I am looking for a 1080p projector in the $1k range. 3D is not important, though I guess would not hurt. Gaming is important. Prefer DLP. Reading up on the Epson 8350, Mits HC4000 and the BenQ 1070w. Epsons seem to have reliability issues, Mits does not to me seem to be a big improvement as it is not much if any brighter and contrast is not greatly improved either. BenQ is new and not even sold in USA yet but seems promising. Also just started looking at Opima HD33.
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Add me to the list of 1000U owners. I'm just going to follow this thread... it would be nice if the next projector would be a direct swap for the existing one with minor adjustments.
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I am starting to look more closely @ these 3 DLP projectors
Benq W1070
Viewsonic Pro8200
Optoma HD23
I am thinking of staying w/ DLP instead of going w/ an LCD. They seem to last longer & have fewer problems. I had a Panasonic PTAE700 LCD before the Mits, and it lasted only a couple years before the polarizers went on me. Been reading all sorts of issues w/ the Epsons. Even though they seem to have the best CS, I'm worried that it will die right after the warranty is over.
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Yeah I have heard same thing on Epsons. I have had the mits for years now and it has been great. My concern with the HC4000 is that is it is dimmer than the 1000u and does not seem to be much of improvement over it in other areas either. I have a completely controlled room, but would still like a little brighter image. The HD23 sounds like a light cannon and may be too bright, but maybe with a filter to dim it, low power mode etc it might be good. Best buy has it for $999, thinking about giving it a run. Also considering holding off a little longer to see how the W1070 pans out. No idea when or if that will even be available state side. My bulb(2nd) is now past its date, so I need to make a decision somewhat soon.
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yeah, my warning is blinking whenever it starts up. Probably around 2500 or so hrs on my 3rd bulb running mostly on standard, & this one isn't a manufacturer's bulb either. Just waiting for it to go. Would keep it if it wasn't so damn noisy now (is yours?). I read it's the color wheel & not worth dealing with.
Wonder how the Viewsonic Pro8200 & the Optoma HD23 compare.
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Yeah a bit noisy at this point, pretty good at tuning it out. Kind of a whinning sound. Not too bad though. Usually I had always changed projectors when bulb died, this is the first one i kept through a bulb change. It gets a ton of use and has been a workhorse. I have not looked into the viewsonic at all, maybe i will.
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I went back to my records to see when I bought the 1000U out of curiosity... 2/20/2007! 3500 hours of eco mode as of 8/2012. I almost got the pro 8200 that went on sale last time but I wasn't sure how it was going to affect the mounting.
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Ok so looking at the HC4000 it looks like it was the followup to the HC3800 which was the follow up to our beloved workhorse the HD1000u. Looks like the HC4000 came out in Sept 2010. So is the last in that lower cost, $1k to $1.5k line from Mits? Two things are holding me back from this projector. It has less lumens than the 1000u and the contrast is not much better. So other than the increased resolution from going from 720p to 1080p, there looks to be no other big advantages to this route. I dont need a light cannon, but would like SOME increased brightness and better contrasts than what the HD1000u has offered. I know this price range always has its compromises.
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Originally Posted by bse53 View Post

It does 24p [...]

Optoma HD23 supports 24Hz frame rate indeed but the picture quality is unacceptable. It stutters so bad that found to be useless to watch movies. This is result of lack of 120Hz capability which by the way called PureMotion is present in HD33 model, where each two consecutive movie frames are interpolated by 5 (24 x 5 = 120) ensuring smooth "soap opera" like picture for moving objects. Despite of this downside I found 1080p60 mode on HD23 to produce excellent "theater" like picture. But if you want true 24p processing, look further cause HD23 is not for you. cool.gif
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