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IR Blaster output to Remote Input

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This may seem like a very basic question, but I haven't been able to find anything that specifically asks this.

I am planning on purchasing a Logitech Harmony 900 remote, which if RF capable. It comes with an IR blaster unit to accept the RF signals and then blast IR signals to transmitters taped to the front of components.

Most of the equipment I am planning on purchasing (for example Oppo 105) has an input for remote on the back. My question is, can I connect the "blaster" out to these inputs. So instead of taping blasters to the front of my units, it just feeds right into the back. I am assuming I'll need a mono/stereo connector cable to to this.

Again, sorry for the basic question. I just didn't want to purchase all this to find out it doesn't work as I would like.
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Old bump, but had this question too... Ordered a 1/8" mono male-to-male cable to try it anyway, but figured I'd ask here too while I waited for that to arrive.
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The main plug for a emitter is a 1/8 inch but the port on the harmony blaster main unit is not 1/8th inch. So sorry your cable that you ordered will not work.

I guess it would be possible to do this although i have never done this and i haven't seen a need to. The ir emitters from the 900 are fairly reliable. Also with the 900 there is no taping of emitters, the emitters sit on the shelf in front of the unit and blast up.

Hope that answers your questions.
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Yeah, didn't think about that. I'm actually going from an Sewell InjectIR to a Cisco DVR. Not sure of the sizes, 1000 miles away right now. It's Amazon, easy enough to cancel now. Now that I think about it though I think the Sewell is less than 1/8", I'm pretty sure the Cisco DVR is 1/8" though.
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I'm don't have any experience with the cisco dvr but does it have an regular ir reciever window? The ir blasters form the 900 internally have a positive and negative wire. You can cut the emitter and splice in some cat5 to extend that blaster. Not sure if that is an option.
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Ah, another let down... Looks like the IR port on the Cisco 8640HDC is for TRANSMITTING! Oh well, I guess they made it like the TiVo's port.
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As far as the Cisco DVR. It has a hard time picking up the IR signal, the plastic over the IR receiver is not as transparent as most.

I've done what you've suggested before to my TiVo, both extended it by just soldering some CAT5 to the IR leds and attaching another IR LED to the end as well as a direct wire.

Since I don't own the Cisco DVR I'm not ready to crack her open and do that just yet. wink.gif
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