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B&W 683 Tweeter - Worth Replacing??

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I recently picked up a pair of B&W 683s and have been extremely pleased. While removing the speaker grill to insert the foam bung, I accidentally let the speaker grill tap the tweeter, causing a minor dent. I don't notice any difference in sound quality and doubt there is, but I've had this lingering question in my mind for the past few months. Judging by the pictures, do you think it's worth replacing the tweeter? Replacements can be found for $70, but I'm more concerned with disassembling part of the speaker if there's no reason to do so.

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Ah that's nothing, check out what happened to my 800 series tweeter. The thing was cracked in half, I glued it all back together and it works just fine (that was 7 years ago).


After I repaired the thing you wouldn't even be able to tell anything happened to it unless I told you about it.

That little dent won't change anything about it's performance.
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Ouch! Good to know - thanks! Interestingly, my floor towers are one number away on their serial numbers, so they were produced at the same time. I'm not sure if it's safe to assume that they'll match better since the lot of components may be from the same batch, but I thought it was interesting. However, that was another reason why I wasn't excited about the thought of replacing the tweeter. Upon upgrading my system (years and years down the road), I'll just reduce the price of them a bit to account for the small dent.
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