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some help choosing front speakers

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Hello, my name is Jeff and this is my first post on this forum. I am currently building a 5.1 setup for my living room and am in need of help choosing the front towers.

currently I have a Pioneer vsx-1022k powering 2 old sony towers for the front and some Klipsch KG1.5's for the rears. I also have a Klipsch RW-12 subwoofer.

There is some Klipsch rf-82 II's for sale locally for 700, which is my budget for the front speakers. I am also looking at the klipsch WF-35 which are currently going for 300-350 on newegg. The center channel will be either an RC-62 II or a WC-24, depending on which towers I choose.

Which is the better setup? It will be an all around setup with equal attention paid to music/movies/gaming.

Also, Will my Vsx-1022k power these speakers, or will I have to look into external amps?

Thanks very much, I have already learned much from this forum
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Hey Jeff, welcome to the forum!!!

I don't have any experience with Klipsh speakers but many here do. Hopefully some answers or suggestions will come your way soon.

Nice looking equipment so far, Pioneer makes awesome AVR's.
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The Klipsch RF-82's are very efficient so the receiver should be fine. If you want a good deal what I did was get them from amazon HERE but then clicked where it says USED. and you will find some legit dealers there who sell open box.
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Thanks for the info yall, I think I'm set on the rf-82s as long as the guy still has them in a couple of weeks.
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