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Primare A30.3 Amp (Loud "pop" in speakers)

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Hi All

Just hoping someone might be able to assist.
I have a Primare A30.3 amplifier which when turned on will give a loud pop in my speakers.

Sequence of event:
The "on" light appears, followed by a loud "pop" in the speakers
Then you can hear the relay engaging.

The unit has been to the service agent a couple of times and has had a number of components replaced i.e. Capacitors, Relays, Transistors and others.
Picked it up from the service agent again last week and hooked it back up. When turning the amplifier on there was no "pop" sound. The second time I turned it on the loud "pop" returned again and has been the same since.

It seems to happen when the amplifier has been turned off for a while, but won't "pop" if turned off/on in quick concession.
I will be taking it back to the agent again after Christmas but I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with Primare amps?

I'm running Sonus Faber speakers and getting a bit worried they could get damaged.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many regards,
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This is not a new issue. I have had it with several amps and speaker combinations. Here is what happens. If you have speakers that are very hard to drive you get a pop sound. If your amp has been on for a while there is a charge that is built up and when you switch on and off very quickly it is that built up current that causes the pop. When the amp has been off overnight etc and the electrical charge is completely discharged you get a much softer pop as there is only the current from when you turned the amp on.

I have spoken to a number of amp and speaker manufacturers (Bryston, Naim, Kef, Revel to name a few) and they have assured me that the pop does not cause any harm to the speakers and also there is nothing wrong with the amp.
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Hi yapota

Thanks for the quick reply. That is interesting information.

When I first got the A30.3 there were no problems but 5 month ago it started. Also when I turn it off and on very quickly there in no "pop" but it will occur when the unit has been off for approx 5 minutes or longer. Sometimes up to 10 days apart.
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