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If so, I may just go w/ a cheaper (& perhaps higher quality?) 2D since I don't really want to invest in a new blu-ray, along with having to run new hdmi through the wall. unless high quality monoprice Tin-Plated Copper 22AWG 1.3 HDMI will work for 3D. then once I do all that, the discs are expensive to rent (& difficult to find) or purchase. then even if I do, no way to easily back it up or store it on a network. not to mention 90% or more of what I watch is recorded off TV anyway.

right now I have a Mits HD1000 720p DLP. no RBE for me nor the wife. the color wheel noise is starting to get outa hand. Ordered a new epson 3020 during amazon's sale last week (a bit out of my budget), but it's on back order.