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Audio problem on LG 32ld550 please help if you can

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So after trying to connect my computer to the TV using a 3.5mm audio cable into the headphone outlet on the TV there is now no way to get it to play audio out unless a pair of headphones are in the headphone jack.

When I go to the audio menu on the TV it states that a headphone is plugged in and audio menu cannot be tinkered with. Problem is there is NO cord in the headphone jack. Nothing is plugged in there. In fact I completely unplugged the computer, took the VGA out, disconnected the power, reset the TV, only have a coax for cable into it and it still wont work.

Sure enough if I DO plug in a pair of headphones into the TV, audio comes through the headset loud and clear. What is going on here? Nothing is broken in the headphone jack, its just as if it thinks there is and I can't do anything about it because the menu is grayed out and unaccessible since its technically in "headphone mode" TIA

**I've plugged in a ROKU connected with HDMI thinking that would produce audio and it didn't. Even used the red/yellow/white cables thinking that would work and still no audio out. I haven't used a toslink/optical cable but thinking thats not going to work either. Somehow I just need the TV to STOP thinking a pair of headphones is connected
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You said you were running an audio cable from your computer to the headphone outlet on the tv. That's wrong. There should be a 3.5mm computer audio input jack located near the VGA input on the set. Try looking in the owner's manual. Rule of thumb is that signals from source devices to the tv are connected to jacks labelled "in" and signals coming from the tv are labelled "out".
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Yeah I was more or less just seeing if I could get some sound out of the TV by putting it in the headphone jack on the tv. I had the other end of the 3.5mm audio jack in the green outlet for audio on the back of the computer. Well, now nothing is plugged into either. In fact I unplugged every possible cable coming from the computer into the tv, only thing into tv is its power cable into the wall and a coax cable from the wall. I'm thinking for some reason its stuck in headphone mode. I can't get it to exit it and I can't access the audio menu bc the options are disabled when its in "headphone mode"

**Is there a chance the computer changed a setting in the TV? Thinking maybe I need to replug the computer into the TV and try messing with some settings on the audio output through the computer to see if that makes things right. Gah
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Update: Well I did everything possible and it seems the TV is just stuck in headset mode. As of now I can get audio but not through the TV speakers, I'm using a 2.1 pc speaker setup and it works fine. Sucks though that for whatever reason it won't exit headphone mode, even when an input isn't in the socket.
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You don't have the speakers turned off do you? Not sure how it would have gotten that way in the first place, but in the audio options menu there is an option (i think the very last one) to shut off the the TV's speakers. If they're off it will block out the audio options menu as well, might wanna double check that. Otherwise, I can't think what else it would be.

I have the same set, and for the most part I like it, But I HATE that you can't adjust any audio options when using headphones. There is no Bass what so ever coming from the headphone jack, and of course you can't turn it up.
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I wouldn't think the speakers are off but then again I can't edit ANYTHING into the audio section. Here's what I'm looking at, no audio will come out the speaker settings whatsoever, so I'm still using 2.1 speaker setup for audio. I really don't want to have to open this thing up and try my luck there, but if it was possible to just disconnect the damn headphone board or something I'd do that for sure. No matter what, even when I do "sound check" under customer support it says "a wired headset is connected"

see nothing is hooked into the headset input

Yet it says its in wired headset mode FML

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Hey MarkAELSU, what did you ever do about this problem?  Did LG recommend anything.  I just started having THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM last night.  I did have headphones plugged into the jack the day before but nothing in there now! 

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anyone find a solution on this? ive had this issue for a while. 32LD550 thinks headphones are plugged in. Scared to take it apart to try and fix, but its so annoying!!!
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