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"Old" 360 storage card transfer?

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The question not asked is the only stupid question right?

Before setting my old 360 out to pasture I saved game saves, info, profile info, etc. onto the Xbox 360 storage card. You know, the big-ish white one.

Now that I've got the new 360 setup, is there a way that I can get the info off of the old storage card onto the new 360?

I foolishly assumed I would be able to do this with any reseach.

Appreciate the time and help.
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If you know anyone with an older model 360, you could move the saves to a usb flash drive, then on to your hard drive.
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Yup, find a friend with an old 360 to use for a couple minutes with your card and a USB flash drive of 2-16GB in hand. If you have no friends with one, drive down to a non-mall GameStop on a slow day at a slow time, like 8pm Wednesday or 11am Tuesday, and ask for a favor where they set a used 360 up for you for a minute. Sweeten the deal by finding a used game for like $20 that you want and offer to buy the $2 replacement plan on it or buy their $15 magazine subscription. An unhelpful register monkey will become more helpful if you make that offer to help their numbers out.

"Hey, I want to buy Assassin's Creed II, but my save is on this memory card. I have a new 360 with no slots for this. Help me out so I can buy the game and continue my save?"
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Seems like it would be a reasonable request, but I bet his chances would be 50/50 at best even with a bit of incentive like you suggested.

I remember getting burned years ago with a couple of pirated GBA cartridges bought at GameStop. When I got around to playing them, I discovered they didn't save. I researched things since I was puzzled that two batteries in relatively recent GBA releases would already be dead and discovered that they were bootlegs. Upon attempting to return them, I was of course denied (So I ended up trading them in another time to at least recoup part of my expenses).

I decided I didn't want that to happen again and ended up getting pretty good at identifying bootlegs with just a quick visual inspection. I would ask to look over the cartridge before buying when I'd have them get one out of their little display case that they used for the preowned GBA cartridges to ensure I was getting a legitimate Nintendo manufactured cartridge.

You'd be surprised at how often I was initially turned down or was just outright refused even after a brief explanation of why I was requesting to take a close look at it before purchasing it. I'm not sure what they thought would go wrong or why they thought it was an unreasonable request for someone to take a look at something they're about to buy, but it happened several times.

I could understand if I was a regular and they were getting cartridges out for me all the time with me deciding not to make a purchase, but I don't think I ever encountered another bootleg cartridge. The only non purchases were when my request would be refused...
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Oh yeah, GameStop employees are horrible. Right now though, with all the holiday help he has a reasonable chance of finding a person that hasn't been ground down to a soulless nub by that corporation.

I'm lucky enough that my two local shops are run by rare good managers that have been around for five years or more. Those managers are the only people that I'll deal with in the stores, they say "Hey James" when I walk in the door, and will take care of any special requests I have. I don't walk in to other Gamestops. They have no value to me.
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I really appreciate the suggestions. This one is on me for assuming I could transfer to the new system without issue. I'll try to find a friend with the old system and go that route. No offense meant, but I try to avoid Gamestops.

Who cares what this was sent by and how it was sent?
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"Who cares what this was sent by and how it was sent?"

You just became my favorite person in the world.
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Unless you can find an old X360 memory card reader to USB that was sold a year after X360 came out, you need to find an old X360 and copy the data to USB flash.
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