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Passive LCR Soundbar -- music performance

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I am looking to put an A/V system together for a house I am building. Unfortunately, my wife despises audio gear, and speakers in particular. I think I will end up with a 3.1 system with a passive LCR soundbar and a small-footprint subwoofer. I have considered these soundbars:

  • Triad Mini LCR 3.0
  • Atlantic Technology FS-5000
  • Goldenear supercinema 3D array
  • PSB Imagine W3

I realize 2.0 music playback is not a strength in this category. Any opinions on whether any of these has an advantage in music playback?
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I would also consider the Triad Mini LCR 3.0 or Mini LCR 3.0 SE, they use 4" drivers and a bett comparison to the AT 5000. Both are good choices, I haven't used the others. Aesthetically Triad is a good choice as you can get the speaker a custom width to match your flat panel. it will give a little more stereo separation as well but that is minor unless you have a very large flat panel.
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